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If you live in Dawsonville, Georgia, and want DSL in your home, Windstream Communications is your only choice. Because of this, this company takes extreme advantage of its customers by REQUIRING you to have a landline telephone service in order to have DSL. This is so unfair, bordering on criminal.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dawsonville, GA This company should be ashamed to do this to their customers. I have cellular service and would love to reduce my monthly bills, but I have to maintain my phone line in order to have DSL. My bill every month is approx. $100. But, I have no choice. I work at home and my company requires DSL. No satellite or cable. So I'm stuck. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU WINDSTREAM.

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  • Cr
      Jan 23, 2010

    Living in Interlachen, FL is the same way. Windstream is your only option for service unless you want satellite, we cannot even get cable internet. They jack up their prices in areas such as this, require you to get large packages with services you either do not need or want, and provide less than satisfactory service. It is highway robbery.

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  • Wi
      Jan 26, 2010

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. A phone line is required to have broadband service. We offer a program called Greenstreak.

    Greenstreak Broadband bundles broadband service and local measured service for the monthly recurring fee depending on the speed you chose.

    You will not be allowed to have calling features, toll calls or access to directory assistance (i.e. 411).
    You will have access to 911, 211, 311, 511, 711, 811 and toll-free numbers at no charge.
    In all markets with "extended" local service that requires you to dial 1+, those calls will be blocked.
    If you have Greenstreak, you are eligible to place your service on Vacation if you desire.
    All outbound local calls will be charged at $.10 per minute
    You will receive unlimited incoming calls.

    Please call into our Sales and Service Representatives at [protected], Monday through Friday, 7 AM-7 PM, or Saturday, 830 AM-500 PM to sign up for this service.

    Thank You,
    WINDSTREAM Customer Support

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  • Th
      Mar 12, 2010

    Windtream is very bad services, they want us to pay the bill but not fixing problem,
    I have called to report problem with my home dsl line, I paid for 3Meg download, but the
    test only show .3Meg download. Windstream keep promise to send out tech, but they never did, It has been going over two week now. Windstream has very bad services.
    The area I report is in Warner Robins, GA. I have to change my service to Cox cable
    now. COX services 'are excellent.

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  • Ha
      Jun 15, 2010

    It's the same here too. I don't even need their phone service. Hell, I don't even have a house phone; I just use my cell phone. It's completely ridiculous that they force you to have their phone line in order to receive DSL. With the previous company (the one Windstream bought and ruined) I was never charged such. I do hope one day there's another option in this area so those crooks no longer get unsatisfied people's money!

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  • 45
      Mar 22, 2017

    My Windstream service in Dawsonville GA is the worst service Ive ever had in the Country and Ive used every major inet provider.
    Since I subscribed for service in Dec. ( it took 5 weeks to get installation ) I have never had reliable service from their fantastic "bonded dual phone line DSL" for which you can not purchase the specialized modem / router on the open market, so they lease it to you. On top of that, I have to pay them for a line line because they say we have to have a phone, because their super duper Router uses the phone line. ( all dsl uses a phone line) . Their speed d drops below tollariable levels and you cant stream video. Repeated calls to them, your on hold, then they push it back on you that its your equipment, no problem on their end. Then after you complain enough they send a service tech out after about 2 weeks unannounced, no appt set up, and he calls when hes on his way. If your not home or miss the call, then you start the same process over again. DONT NORMAL COMPANIES SET UP APPOINTMENTS?????? Ive been at it now 3 months, wasted countless hours, service is unreliable and cost is VERY high. Its pretty sad when I can tether to my cell phone and get better speed for all my devices. Below is Windstreams signal at my home at noon today

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  • Mo
      May 10, 2017

    I got my windstream DSL hooked up recently and the data speed is very fast. Unfortunately I received my bill and noticed they're charging me several fees totaling almost $18. I called to ask them why they added a phone line to my account and windstream told me I had no choice in the matter. I call BS on this, if I had a cable provider I wouldn't have to pay these fees for something I never wanted. Unfortunately windtream is monopoly in Dawsonville GA.

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  • Si
      May 03, 2018

    5th day my phone is out. I’ve submitted repair form 4 times. No response from windstream. I have no other choice for a provider here. Windstream has horrible customer service. Internet & phone is not reliable for almost $100 a month. Considering doing without landline & internet. Don’t use windstream. Run as fast as you can.

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