WinCo Foods / racist comment by winco employee

Mc Jan 15, 2016
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Nov. 2015: I am shopping at the Winco in Orangevale, CA, and as I am searching for onion buns, a Winco employee (dressed in the black win on polo shirt, walks right by me and says, "What, no fried chicken today?" he kept walking down the aisle all the way towards produce and entered into the employees only section. I stood there with my mouth open for a few seconds and watched as the perpetrator entered the back section of the store. I went over to a cashier and asked for the manager, and was pointed towards the cashier that he was at. I spoke to the manager and told him what the male, 20ish employee had said. the manager asked if I could identify the employee. I told the manager that the I was looking at the bread when the employee mad the comment, and when I turned to look at him, he was already past me and quickly walking and exited the public area of the store. The manger apologized for the employees bad behavior, then spent time watching me as I paid for items and left the store.

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