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Wilshire Credit Corporation / Mortgage lending

1 United States

Interesting reading all the Wilshire complaints that seem to mirror my own experiences with them.

Complaint #1:Had water damage that was appraised at $12, 000 damage. Our insurance check was issued to us and Wilshire, requiring their sign off. After we sent the check to Wilshire with all the required repair quotes and paperwork it took over 6 months to get the first half and another 18 mon to get the next portion, and would you believe they still have not sent us the last $3000 yet. What makes it worse is every time we talk to someone (after being on hold for over 45 min)they request "one more" quote, then they sit on it until 30 days later then tell us we need a new one becasue it is now 30 days old.

Complaint#2:We got a couple months behind in our payments due to income loss, we called Wilshire and were reassured everything would be fine as long as we filled out their Hardship paperwork. We submitted everything and had been told they would not except any payments until this was resolved. By this time our income loss was resolved and we could resume payments, but they still would not except (we were three months behind). I called weekly, was on hold for 45-90 minutes each time and every week was told there was no news yet. After 90 days they had not addressed our situation and now had to resubmit everything again. This happened a total of 4 times, all the while they still would not accept payments. We finally received a new payment agreement for $4100 per month, our original payment was $1400. We filed an appeal and now just received notice that they sold our mortgage to BAC...the drama continues.


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