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Wilderness resort and Market Masters / Wilderness presidential resort in Virginia!

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Hello, my name is Holly, and me and my husband put an entry into one of those contest boxes at the mall about May of 2006. We got a call in July stating that we had won! We were told we won either one of three choices, $30,000, a car, or a vacation. We were told to wait for the prize in the mail. When the envelope finally came we found out we had to go to some time-share seminar in Va, a 2-1/2 hour drive from where we live. Well then we were like, okay what the hell, we can see whats up with it all, we just wont buy. So we went, we thought the property was beautiful, with a price of $15,000.00 for the membership alone, it better be pretty nice, it could have been better but i guess you get what you pay for, so we actually considered it, with one condition, that they give me copies of any and all papers so that my lawyer take a look, make sure there's nothing fishy. They absolutely refused, then decided to f- around on us and try and pass some BS that we were never supposed to get a prize, after 3 hours of our child crying and them trying to decide what to do, they checked us out. In the end they were ###, and we got our prize, some membership to no where, that pays for nothing, but got $50.oo for gas(check did clear), and 2 packages that pay for 3 nights in a 2 star hotel at a selection of our choice(you have to choose from like 5 in Fla and TNN), we have to use within one year(requires $100 deposit, and 3 months reservation). It wasn't a total loss, we used that time to go down and see some of the battle fields there in Virginia.

Any questions contact Holly or Patrick at [protected] we are just looking out for those who don't wish to be scammed.

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  • He
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    I have been at Wilderness since they have been here. I have no complaints. Traveled USA and the system is the same everywhere. This is one of the better resorts, If you pay attention to the sales pitch it would help.

  • Ma
      24th of May, 2007
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    We just recently went and we thought that it was beautiful also. Big place. Nice views. Nice cabins, lakes and nice bit of things to do at that camping resort. They have hundreds and hundreds or camp resorts throughout the us. But yes the thing u are talking about is the standard package. I know this because i payed attention to what they told me and i wouldn't stop asking them questions that cover every angle i could think of. Not to say that i asked everything but as much as i could think of. But i do agree that the price for the standard package sucked. 14000 for just that one resort is just ridiculous. The same thing happened to us with entering that drawing. But unlike that crappy deal, the gold membership was tremendously better because it offered every resort they have and the travel package with condos and only pay $299 for 7nights 8days to a nice list of places throughout the us and around the world. And there is a lot more like hotel discounts, cruises, rentals. But as any other package anywhere else the downfall is that u are limited to just the companys/businesses that support the program. But if you were one of the people selected for the drawing then u should have gotten offered the gold membership also. Bad thing is its a one time deal, that day only. That sucked but u gotta think about longterm and if ur gonna travel enough throughout your life and your childrens lives that will add up to spending a very large amount less in the long run. This piece of property can also help your credit and be a tax write off. But i do not recommend the standard package to anyone for that price unless u are close to one of there camping resorts and like to spend a lot of time doing that kind of thing. In the long run, if u get offered the gold membership at any resort office this company has i suggest take it and do referral names and numbers (wink wink) to knock off your price. I wont tell you how much we paid but it was significantly less than 14k.

    If anyone wants to know more please call 757 321 2795 and ask for matt or kayla

  • La
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    I too recently received a call from the Wilderness Resort to come out and take a look at a timeshare. Fortunately, I have been through this process before so I had no intentions on purchasing any property but I did want to receive the freebies. I wound up paying $295 for a 1-year trial membership that also included use of the Massanutten Resort. I have enjoyed the use of my trial membership and I feel that I was not scammed in any way. The thing about these timeshares is that you have to listen very closely, question everything, and ask for everything in writing.

  • An
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    Time shares have pros and cons. Be sure that wherever you buy you enjoy what they have to offer. Wilderness is KINDA SHADY. The property is not well maintained-at least not the campers nor the property around it. We arrived after dark and could not see a thing. Thankfully my husband had a flash light. The cabins are what they really push. Be careful. Check your contract as to the usage of the cabins. We were told that they are going to build more of them however at the time of our purchase 8/06 we could only use the cabins during certain months--not the summer. And we were also told that only GOLD card members could enter the cabin area. Stay on top of your property and maybe it will be o.k. As for me. I kick myself everyday for getting hook into this mess.

  • Br
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I am totally unsatisfied with my membership. I have Paid off the total amount for the deed to the property I have never used and will give it away to anyone will to take it. I have to pay 400 on maintanence fees to a resort I do not go to. I was told I could switch out my resort and go to another whenever. Not the case. If you like the Wilderness and go there often, contact me you can have the deed. You will just pay the lawyer's fees to have the name of the deed transfered.

    Contact: Brad Farr
    (540) 297-1840 or

  • Ho
      22nd of May, 2008
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    This is the original poster...

    I just wanted to let everyone know that they still may contact us at 301-807-6294, we still recieve many calls, and are happy to help with our advice. You may call anytime day or night. Thanks.

    Most of my calls have actually been people whondering how to sell thier time-shares that they bought. Many tell me not even will touch them...Good luck to all who buy!

  • Je
      1st of Sep, 2017
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    @Holly McGown Hello, do you know of anyone that was able to sell????

  • Ma
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I too have been scammed and I am very sick of this company.. I have googled it and see so many people in the same boat as I am.. There must be something we can do about it!! I WILL NOT sit back and be quiet about this.. If anyone can help me with this, point me in the right direction or something.. please email me at THANKS!! MAJ

  • Je
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    My boyfriend and I were scammed by this "resort" a couple of years ago. This place is the absolute worst!!! We are paying for something that we never use. They made all of this promises that were never fulfilled. Yes, some of them were even in writing and when we tried to utilize some of the other services, we were told that it doesnt really work that way. This was the biggest mistake I have ever made. We have been trying to sell this timeshare pretty much since we got luck at all! If anyone has any idea on how to get rid of this stupid thing, please, please, please post here!!!

  • Je
      1st of Sep, 2017
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    @Jenn hello, were you able to sell??? if so what did you do, please email me


  • Ja
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I'm actually very grateful to have found this site. I recently (as of 2 days ago) had received a call from the Wilderness resort. Every post I've read has been exactly the crap I've been fed thus far, minus the buyig the time-share bit. But they expect me to drive 3+ hours to VA in a v8 full size van for a crummy $50 check, hahaha, not gonna happen!

    Holly Mcgown and the other posters, I thank you for the insight on the shady activities of this "contest" and the business behind it. They will be receiving a very angry phone call tomorrow morning.


  • Mi
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    thank you guys so much for the postings. my husband and i were planning to go to wilderness presidential resort in spotsylvania, va. (4 hrs away) and after reading the postings we are so not going. and watch your bank accts we had a bank that did a $0.00 deposit. we all know that this is to verify that an acct is open and active. so we didnt pay it any attention until now. so its probably mass marketing about to strike. thanks for saving us the gas money and time. gas is cheaper but not cheap enough to waste on getting scammed.

  • Fr
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I too have been struck by these people. In the 90's my husband and I were young and expected our 3rd child when we got pulled into this scam. Pretty much the same as everyone else's experience. The grounds were beautiful and we really thought that by having the membership we would actually be able to "get away" to a family friendly place. We never went back. In 2001 my husband was in a car accident and recieved a settlement that we used to pay it off. Prior to paying it off I was informed that as long as it was paid for and all the maintenance fees were up to date I could return the membership to them. Of course once I actually paid the thousands of dollars still owed, the story changed. I have searched endlessly to find a way out of it. We simply do not use it or need it. I recently found out that I have a neighbor who was scammed by these people as well in the late 80's and shortly after his sister too.
    I think we all share in the frustrations of these people. They are good at what they do...but leaving their "customers" dissatisfied with no where to turn. Because you sign a legal binding contract, it looks like theres no way out least nothing I have been able to find.
    We even tried not paying the fees, thinking they would take it back...HA! should have know better than that. They just threaten legal action.
    I have researched alot of places claiming they will sell it for you...for fees -- and watch out for all the fine print on how long your fees are good for. Typically they are only for short times and then you have to renew and pay more money. Some will even ask for fees to appraise it.

    I would love to rid myself of this, if anyone is interested in it or knows a way out -- email me!!

  • Ne
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    I wish i google this place before we went there and said yes. OMG worst mistake ever! we are young & stupid... they told us they were gonna give us a "military discount" wtf why even lie about something like that, we had ours since oct 2007, we have never used it. we havent been there, since the day we got it. My husband can never get time off from the Army to go.. its was a waste of time & money. Im glad im not the only ones that got screwed by these people. A month after we got it, we went to JAG (military lawyers) even they said they couldnt help.. So stupid. Just recently we paid off the yearly fee with our tax return, cos we didnt have the money at the time.. so it was like 954.83, so we paid it all off at once. and 2 days later, they send us a email saying, we arent allowed to pay it all at once, that they put it toward the monthly fees, and that we still owe them the yearly fee of 954.83 (that we dont have anymore).. Its total BS. These people, annoy the hell outta me. If anyone has advice about we should do, please contact me!!

  • No
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    Everyone needs to just stop paying them (at the same time). I truly don't think they have the finances to sustain in this economy. Force them into bankruptcy. I got suckered, but I stopped paying. I hesitated because my credit rating is untarnished, but I can get over this mark.

  • Wo
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    They called me saying that I won the drawing too -- "one of the top four prizes is yours" if you just drive down turn in your claim number and sit through a bunch of crap. It sounded shady so I started asking the woman how many people "win." She said she "had absolutely no idea, " because she just called people to inform them of their winnings or whatever as her job. So, I asked her if she did this everyday. She said yes. I asked her how many people SHE called EVERYDAY and she said 30-40. I am sure she is just one of many of "congratulators." This is a BS scam - I am currently studying for the VA Bar exam and if I pass on July 28 & 29 (fingers crossed!) I would LOVE look into their little scheme further. Unfortunately it is probably legal, but right now I'm a little annoyed they interrupted my studying for this bull.

  • Ho
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    This is Holly Mcgown, the original poster, you may still call us if you need! 301-807-6294. Thanks! We are so glad to help.

  • Tr
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    We recently took a tour and really loved the resort. The sales person was not pushy and she offered us a sales package that fit our budget. It allowed us two weeks a year. Through RCI we have been to Massanuttan ( Their sister resort ) and had a great time with the famly.

    I've read the neg.comment's on this site, but we have really enjoy our ownership and have never had anyone, " lie", to us.

    Maybe folk's should be a little smarter about what they want, ( or can afford ), before letting their dollar's get infront of their family's vacation! Isn't it worth it? If you can't afford it... Don't buy it! ...Duh!!!

    The cabin's at Wildnerness are awsome and Mass. was more than we ever expected! Our week's are also included in the Wyndham point's system so we can use them by the week or the night. ( A better way to go )!

    One should be strong about taking a sales tour and not buy anything unless it fit's your desire and pocket book. We knew what we wanted and are very happy! Free gift's are not worth the time of a, "tour"!

    John C. McFallIII
    Edisto Island, SC

  • Tr
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    P.S. Holly...

    God bless you, but you probably don't have a lawyer, the gas money probably just got you back home, and you and your family were only looking for a free trip...

    My advise... Get a life and buy somethig for your family!!

  • Ge
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    The truth is "Buyer Beware". With me also being a "victim", I was looking into donating this timeshare but got to thinking there isn't that much demand for this kind of timeshare knowing there are way more better ones out there. I probably have to take a few days off to go up there at the main gate and hold up a sign "free deed transfer".

  • Sm
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    I am in search of a Deeded lot not a timeshare if anyone has one for Sale at the Wilderness in Spotsylvania, VA. You can reach me at 540-428-9143 or via email at

  • Da
      11th of May, 2011
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    This is holly again, the original poster, we can still be reached at 301-807-6294. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Ps to the poster above, if you want to spend 14k+ for the right to rent a cabin for up to 2 weeks a year, then you must not be very smart, seeing that at most koa's you can rent very very nice cabins for under $100/night, no membership required. And yes, we do actually have lawyer, he is out of greenbelt. We have made great accomplishments in seeing that they have finally changed some of their advritising policies. Although Virginia law allows them to still do some shady and sometimes outright deceptive advritising, we can only make them change what's illegal.

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