Wifinity / wifi service package

United States

Prior to a planned power outage I informed Wifinity 30 hours prior to the outage to enable them to have an engineer on standby and available once the power came back on line.

Fortunately I knew it would be back on at 1730 on a Friday due to nature of outage. I was most dissatisfied that once 1730 arrived and the power was all back on that I Wifinity engineer arrived and instead was informed by the telephone operative representing Wifinity that I would have to log a new fault.

Having read the Wifinity blurb regarding connectivity to remote locations I believe this to be misleading as it should state provides connectivity to remote locations sometimes and when it suits Wifinity. I pay for aserbice and am not receiving it. I am now searching for alternatives to replace Wifinity throughout the establishment that I have influence over.

To add insult to the matter the discussion and melody that you are shamefully greeted with whilst making a call to Wifinity is utterley annoying.

Aug 25, 2018

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