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I needed an emergency extraction and was given a 10:30 am apt. I spent 10 minutes having x-rays taken several times until they got it right. Then they brought be this huge list of procedures they said NEEDED to be done and kept pressuring me to sign for. I explained I just wanted this tooth out and they still tried to pressure me into an additional procedure. Then I sat and waited, and waited until after 2 1/2 hours passed and they still hadn't pulled my tooth. I explained that my 8 month old daughter was in the waiting room, I am in pain and just want this tooth pulled. I became very uncomfortable with the pressure to consent for more work, and felt like that's why I was left to wait. I made the decision to walk out and seek the services from another dental office. They even tried to re-schedule me after telling them I was leaving. Worst experience I have ever had. I came home still in pain and terrified to go to any dentist. I picked up my x-rays and when I had the extraction site check-up from the dentist who ended up doing the work, and learned I needed a couple of fillings. Not the hundreds of dollars that Western Dental claimed I needed. They should not be in business.

Western Dental, Concord, CA
Western Dental, Concord, CA

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      7th of May, 2012

    can you please contact me immediately. I have all the means in which to make everything that happened to to your daughter RIGHT... What I am doing will not interfer with any type of litigation that you may be trying to get started. But you are going to find that because of the trap that WD puts us in, getting a attorney will be hard. But if you do find one. Ask him to take on more and list his information here for everyone to contact.

    I asked if you had filed a complaint with WD yet. Can you please tell me if you did and about when you did that. I want to stress to you that I do not WORK FOR WESTERN DENTAL OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY or NOR AM I CONNECT IN ANYWAY TO A ATTORNEY FOR THIS MATTER.

    You have the ability to help thousands just by filing a complaint with Western Dental and then with the Easy to do and it can even be done by phone. But I would recommend putting the one to WD in writing so it can be presented your way and not the WD call takers way.

    I emailed you my #. please use it. I would love to have a voice attached to a email.

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