westdale hills apartments / False Advertising, Outrageous Repair Pricing

1 Euless, TX, United States

The first thing you will like is the Cheap rent.
The communication is lousy, the left hand has not a clue what the right hand is doing.
I was promised verbally lots of things and after signing a 15 month lease I found out most of it was hot air to get me to sign the lease.

Because the properties are many, they only have internet provided in certain buildings. On on side you have ATT which will be either Dry Loop DSL or Uverse, don't assume because there is ATT you automatically can get Uverse, they will promise you that you can but it is a lie, I used to be in that Industry and I spoke with their ATT area Manager and she confirmed that Uverse is NOT available in all the ATT capable units. The leasing agents will promise you it is though.
What is awful is your only alternative is a terrible satelite based service called Ignition, which is over priced and sub par on speed and bandwidth. Like 50$-60$ for basic which should be a Uverse speed.

So I moved in with the promise of Uverse in my Unit. I was excited, naturally because my business revolves around needing high speed internet else I lose a lot of money because I can't stay connected. So I call up ATT and they tell me that my entire building doesn't exist on the map, the building next to me does... Great, so I call my leasing agent and ask to move and she acts like I am the social pariah and insists she had no clue and says her hands are tied and I would have to pay out the lease at full rate... 15 months later I try to avoid this from happening, I set up to transfer and they try the SAME tactic, they sign me up for two different units SWEARING that it has everything I want but after calling service providers it proves to be all lies. After a month and a half of telling them I won't move in until they can prove and I can verify that my unit would have all services requested I won't sign. We finally find something from the Leasing MANAGER she quotes me price and we verify, on move in day to sign the lease the agent raised the price by 5-10$$ I was annoyed but I needed a place to live and I was already set to move so I agreed. They did a walk through and said there was no major issues with the apt so I transferred. A month later they hit me with damages and a repair bill of 500 bucks. For not bleaching my fireplace? 20$ For leaving a Bag of ice in my freezer and having a small SMALL stain in it. 20$ For having two bent off pieces of blinds on two blinds 80$ for normal wear and tear (slightly dirty carpet no major irremovable stains) 200$. They do everything in house so they can Charge ANYTHING they want and dont show you the form you sign only the addendum not the list of prices.

So they will screw you and screw you while smiling the whole time. I never was late on rent, never had a complaint filed or damaged anything. I have had a perfect rental history and this apt decided to try and rip me off.

Avoid them at all costs, i would pay 100 more a month to avoid these liars.

There is no clear management so you can't escalate anything.

Its been over 1 months since ive had an oven that works.

My half bath has flooded from a huge leak literally every other day for a month and they have done NOTHING but send one spanish guy to ask me where it is and i said that was his job after pointing out the bathroom.

After all of this they still feel like they have the right to Nickle and dime and over charge for their services. THIS IS WRONG. We will see in small claims court how this holds up and maybe take out a few quarter pages in local newspapers and talk about their FALSE ADVERTISING and unethical dealings.

May 01, 2013

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