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Who is supposedly a web hosting company, who will only host part of your website and the rest you have to get, either another company to host it or pay Web Africa additional monies. This is not made explicit in your contract with them which they call an agreement [I wonder what is the difference?].
Then, upon cancelling my "agreement" I am expecting to be reimbursed for the subscription paid for by myself, however, I had to constantly remind them of their obligation to reimburse and I am still waiting after several response by them to say they will see to the matter.
I found the management down to the billing department completely inept and clueless of their own dealings. Company's like this should not be given license to operate.
Speaking of the billing, it is mind boggling. They had to resend the invoice several [more than three times], eventually I gave up on them getting it right. There is no clarity in their systems, from management to their account section.
To recap my gripes...false advertising, unclear contract/agreement, pathetic accounts department and inept management.

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  • Na
      1st of May, 2016

    Webafrica is a fraud and I hope a lot of people will share this over social media. They keep on sending bills but it's impossible to get help/get a hold the technical department when you have issues. I agree with the person above me said, how do they even own a license to operate when there are so many complaints about them?? SHUT THEM DOWN.

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  • Sh
      5th of Sep, 2016

    Web Africa fraudulently deducts money from credit cards for services never ordered... If you are a small business...beware!!!

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  • Fa
      1st of Jul, 2017

    web Africa is totally incompetent, after 2 months that I've signed up, I've received nothing for the monies I have paid, there account managers ignores your concerns and follow-ups completely, I cant understand and comprehend the type of business these people are running .can anyone please recommend a company that is competent in meeting the requirements web Africa promises.

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  • We
      3rd of Jul, 2017

    @Faheem Solomons This has been escalated to the Web Design service manager, who will have a look and ensure your support asap. Thank you for your efforts and time - will get this fixed for you as soon as possible

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  • We
      3rd of Jul, 2017

    Hi Faheem

    Thank you for your efforts.

    We have escalated this and will ensure a fix and support asap. Sincerest apologies for how this has unfolded - we will ensure that we learn from this and better your experience going forward . We are looking into this as we speak, to resolve as soon as possible

    Again, thank you so much for your patience.

    Chat soonest


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