Web Africa Networks / incorrect billing and refusal to fix account without payment

South Africa
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I am a re-seller for Webafrica in regards to providing internet services and fibre and have client accounts linked to my profile. I requested cancellation of one of the client accounts but webafrica proceeded to cancel two additional account that was not to be cancelled. They then charged for installation fees for the two accounts that they cancelled in error. After I refused payment for this as it was an error on their side, they suspended all the accounts forcing me into payment. After I have made payment, I then had to request again for the accounts to be re-activated and the fees to be credited. After a long struggle this has been done. However for this month Webafrica, did double invoicing on the accounts and have not corrected this is yet, despite my logging a query on the 8th of August 2018. Webafrica again suspended my account, forcing payment out of me before they are willing to fix their mistake. Thus evertime they make an error I have to pay for it, hoping that it would be fixed, but it seems after every payment, the problem seems to worsen. With Webafrica taking no accountability. I did a search on Hello Peter and it would seem this is a problem for many of their clients.

Aug 15, 2018

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