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I am so beyond unsatisfied with the sorry excuse professionalism that this company holds as a standard. I have lived in one of their houses for a month. When I moved in, I honestly thought maybe the property was going through some demo work still because there was trash everywhere in the front and back yard. The house was dirty when we moved in. We actually stopped moving boxes and cleaned the house before we could finish unloading everything. The house was advertised with grass in the front and back yard. Both yards are all mud and trash, it was horrifying to see what the house really was versus what they had it advertised as. (false advertisement to say the least) I was told by the guy that had let us into the house that he would give us 6 days to complete the walk through and didn't do the walk through with us. He left, and as we started walking around the house it just got worse and worse. I noticed that there was not a wall outlet that DID NOT have a smell fresh plug in, in it. So we started to pull those out while cleaning. We went to the old house grabbed the rest of the little things there and went back to the house we just started renting from waypoint and the house smelled horrible of wet dog, and animal pee and poop. With how long the house had been vacant, they knew about the terrible smell of the house and blatantly tried to cover it up instead of taking care of it so people who paid top dollar to move in didn't have to deal with it. At that point I started to run around and look at everything else. There are ants, spiders and wasps everywhere. Not to mention that we had seen multiple mice and could hear them in the walls. Then all the little things like the doors falling off hinges, the oven drawer falling out, the ice maker, base boards in the basement chewed up. If you stood at the right angle, you could clearly see the light of day to the outside of the house under some of the base boards.The list goes on. So I had emailed the guy (Jimmy Braden) that got us into the house in the first place with a list of things that were concerning. He basically stated that it was not his problem. So I asked who I should contact and he blew me off. Emailed him a couple more times about who to contact, and again he just continued to blow me off. So I started calling all the numbers listed online. I kept getting redirected so many times, I thought my head was going to burst. The property manager that was assigned to my location sends people straight to voicemail and you cant even leave a voicemail for him because the box is always full. All the other property managers never call you back. They leave messages in the system so when you call back asking to speak to them the rep will tell you that they said to do this and that. Well why cant they just do their jobs and service the customer as their title claims? I'm still getting the run around and it has been over a month. When they do send their crew out for maintenance, they dont do the whole job. They work half way through it, if that and say that they will return and never do. I have spoken to countless maintenance guys that work for waypoint and they blatantly tell me how terrible of a leasing company waypoint is. Saying that they have these type of complaints all the time. Not just with the way the property is presented online vs reality, but with their sorry excuse of customer service. And that they are famous for not dealing with it so the time passes that it becomes the tenants responsibility.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Aurora, COWhen I had finally gotten a hold of one of the mangers John Lohman, he had assured me that all my questions and problems would be answered and dealt with. And if I did not hear back form him by a certain day to give him a call. Well not a shock that I didn't hear back from him so I tried to call him. Got ignored some more. I call back the following week to hear that he is on a vacation. FOR WHAT? Vacation is relaxation time off work, yet he has not done any work. I tried to talk to the infamous Freda that is also a manager and she also is on vacation.(after weeks of trying to get in contact with her and she never replies wont reply to calls, emails, messages, message sent by pigeon, nothing) Instead of having common respect for someone who helps pay her check by renting through the company she represents, she just leaves notes in the system for her reps to relay to me. That is not customer service. Then I get to talk on the phone with Christine Bobich, I wish I never did because that woman just made my head hurt. She was rude, kept talking over me and I could tell she is just miserable with her life by her tone and shortness with me. Instead of her trying to understand my frustrations, she just reacted by talking over me, making excuses on things she had no idea about. When I finally got fed up with her talking to me as if she has some sort of say so over my feelings, I mentioned to her about all the bad reviews on every review site for her company and she says "WE ARE VERY WELL AWARE OF OUR REVIEWS, THANK YOU!" As if she is proud to have such a terrible reputation with and of the company. She was extremely argumentative which has set my frustrations to the max, in return, motivating me to do this review and many more. Everyone that I am speaking to has an attitude with me like I should be ok with the way the house is. I pay 2x more then what this dump is worth, and paid a little over $4000.00 to get into the house just for it to be disgustingly dirty and trashed. The neighbors have told me that the previous tenants had 7 dogs and were breading more in that house. I full on believe that because the way that the house and yard looks. They came out and cleaned the carpets to try to help with the smell and it actually made it worse. I have had maintenance, sears, swamp cooler maintenance, exterminators and others in and out of the house for the last month. I am done trying to resolve these problems because I continue to get blown off so I am going to do my best to make sure that no one has to deal with the horrors of working with this company in the future. If I were to leave the house the way it was presented to me, this company would have taken my deposit and then charged me more. I should not be responsible for the mess of a previous tenant. When you call in, they say that they are the preferred rental company for single family homes. Maybe for section 8 housing because that is what it looks like except I pay rent, a very high amount of rent for what we are getting. I myself work in customer service. I'm 100% commission so if people aren't happy I dont get paid. Maybe their customer service managers, and all their managers should be on 100% commission instead of hourly so they can only get paid if they do their job because I can say from experience, they dont do their job very well at all. Steer clear of this company. They are the definition of false advertisement from the greeting you get when you call in, the service and to their housing conditions. I will go out of my way to make sure i dont recommend this company. And I did make them aware that I was going to call health and human services, I was not kidding about that. They will get back to me since no one at waypoint wants to take me seriously.

  • Waypoint Homes Customer Care's Response · May 22, 2017

    Hello Christina,

    We are very sorry to hear of the experience you've had and the negative customer service. Your local team is in receipt of your review and we have asked that someone contacts you today. Your reference number is 96341.

    Thank you,
    Waypoint Homes

May 19, 2017

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