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Warrior Custom Golf / shady business

1 United States

This company is horrible to deal with. I, too, received a hybrid offer in the mail (courtesy, no doubt, of my recent subscription to Golf Digest). Foolishly, I thought I'd respond. They immediatley started a hard sell for the wood set. After being assured there would be no hassle returning if I wasn't satisfied, I agreed and gave them my credit card info. What a complete idiot! Approximately six weeks later the clubs arrived. I hit my first drive about 50 yds further than usual. This, however, was the only time this happened and at this time I didn't know whether to attribute it to the quality of the clubs or to luck. However, after a couple of rounds, the clubs began to feel "flat" and soft. My 3 wood broke at the hossel on a typical fairway hit. It was around this time that my "trial period" was soon to expire. For times sake, I made the mistake of fixing it myself. I knew, though, that these clubs were not worth the money I would have to pay to keep them outright. "Trial period" expired and I decided to send them back. The phone extension the salesman gave me only sent me to the main switchboard. I was then forced to wade through endless redirects and chicago songs before I could speak with someone who could help me. We are now at two months +...
My wife tells me I'm ranting and should just sum it up. Long story longer, I told them I wanted to return the clubs. After trying to sell me an iron set to no avail, it was agreed that they would refund all but $150 to my cc and that I should see this on my next statement. Didn't happened. After many calls I finally emailed customer service and told them to call me. They said they made a mistake and my refund never reached accounting but would now process it, less s/h fees. I balked and they said they'd have to research this and call me back. I received a call back and during the call was chastised for fixing the 3 wood myself, saying they have a warranty and that was "stupid" of me. Upon being called stupid, I kind of lost it and dropped an "f" bomb while explaining that I was already having enough problems dealing with them. This greatly upset the sensibilities of the supervisor I was talking to. He said they could not refund the s/h, but would credit back $150 of the purchase price. I tried explaining that the previous agreement was that there would only be a $150 charge on my cc. He said no way, I said give me the return auth. number, he gave it while mumbling something to the effect of "you don't even make sense", told me return s/h charges were on me and "We're done!" then hung up the phone. I will now ship these back and no doubt have more to deal with when they receive them.
Alll of this and I'm still an 18 handicap.

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