Wanelothe shipping and service

S Nov 28, 2017

I ordered 2 smart watches for a Samsung phone, I ordered them about three weeks ago and said the expected delivery would be November 23 through the 29. but when I go and check the progress of shipping, it say still in transit. I've never had a problem with wanelo, I've ordered 6 things off the site and this is the first time I've ran into a problem like this. I'm not very happy and if something isn't done about this I'll be ticked even more. you should have an option on how fast you want the shipping and charge more or whatever. if I don't receive the items, then I want my money back. I almost ordered them from a different site, but I didn't because you guys are great about stuff, but now I regret my decision. either i receive the 2 watches or I want a FULL refund. I won't order off the site again if this problem isn't fixed.

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