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Walmart / fired

1 1212 s madisonWebb City, MO, United States Review updated:
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was fired 5/18/2009 for to many points feel that ok I was fired but why did the whole store have to know even before I did when I walked in to go to work at 10 pm 5/18/2009 I felt like I had the pleg or something everyone looking at me wispering had people who never ever talk to me say how are you doing just think it is none of anyones business what anyone elses business is.and while getting fired one girl came in told shirley she wanted to take a personal day on the following thurs shirley looked at me real funny and said you can take the day but you will probably still get a point cuz the schedules are made three weeks ahead, so I had to go out and get my discount card from my car and when pass by that girl asked her so your going to get a point for taken off on thursday? she said NO! that was for your sake. but yet that is the way your webb city store is everyone knows everyone elses business.I loved working there just think they play favorites to a lot of them for one bout the points there are so many there that have or should have alot more points then I but don't even get a d-day couching anything there are people who have stolen and still there no call no show for 3 or 4 days fired called back one or two weeks later. I can name names if you want me to DAVE WARDEN him self has did things that are unaproprate like pick up fire igstingwieser spray in smokers lounge made a girl deathly sick. just heard they fired 5 people from all 3 shifts but still not the ones that really should be. that I know of there are at least 5 maybe more who should have been fired for points a long long time ago.and thats just the over night shift. I know of one girl whom got caught stealing a $150.00 in D V D s not long after she got hired only thing happened to her was slap on hand and that girl is still employed there. Dave him self has even stollen in my book when he buildlt his house needed yard trees and plant and stuff went out to lawn and garden picked out what he want marked them down paid for them then went back and had employees mark the rest down that was left. I call that back stocking and stealing don't you?probably by me writeing this complaint will never get hired back on at walmart but you know what this crap at this store needs to stop. shirley the over night manager she has friends there she eats in the break room with them every night witch not a problem but her telling them everyone elses business is the problem. and she tells them every little thing. out of all the managers think and not sure bout him ADAM over night manager is the only one I would trust he don't discuss any thing around any one he even will ask you to step out to talk to another assiote.thats what should happen. anyway this is my complaint thank you very much... sighned rhonda

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  • Br
      28th of May, 2009
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    Doesn't surprise me much; I quit there back in 2006 and never looked back. Working at that store is a very degrading
    experience if you're not one of the "favorites".
    As for Dave Warden, it's difficult for me to think back to a time when he was appropriate or professional. I can remember when
    I complained to him about a fellow associate (favorite) after I got tired of her leaving all the work for others, talking down to me,
    and bragging about how much she makes. Not only would he not even allow to finish what I was saying, he actually started
    harrassing me, mouthing off to me when he'd see me around the store. He'd utter things like "Nitpicker!" and "Aren't I always right!?"
    He's supposed to be a store manager? All I did was attempt to use the open door policy. To say the least, he would appear to have serious pride issues.
    I could go on and on, but I'll just say that I agree with you 100% and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Va
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    Thank God Wal-Mart didn't have a spelling/grammer requirement, or else you would have been fired on the first day!!!

    I still laughing over the "d-day couching" . So what you get a "couching", how long do they make you sit?

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