Walmarthorribly unfriendly &customer service&

I had a horrible experience with a rude, unhelpful assistant manager who took an instant dislike to me (?) and refused to accepted a bag of recalled dog food. Several calls later and a letter to the better business bureau later, I got a refund. However, I didn't appreciate her maligning me in her response to the better business bureau.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tallahassee, FL(Oops, I guess she didn't know they'd cc me!)
Since spending over 4 hours on something that should have taken minutes, I no longer go to that location. Had she only taken a moment to educate herself or even look at the printout of the recall information that I brought to her, they'd have one fewer dissatisfied customer. Strangely enough, the stores that I patronize now seem happy to help me when I want to purchase something or even exchange something.
Hiring and hr practices there could use a long hard look.

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