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Hu Nov 24, 2018 Allentown, PA

I had terrible experience with a Vision Center in Allentown PA. The receptionists just sat there and did nothing. There was a trainee there who had no training. I was there for almost 3 hours before I could leave. They did pre-tests on me but people kept coming back and disturbing us so we would have to start the tests all over again. Receptionist kept yelling at me I was blinking. The eye doctor was super creepy. He was yelling at me because I wouldn't guess the letters.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Allentown, PA I couldn't see the letters at all. When I went to pick out frames, nobody would help me. They kept staring at their phones. When I went to pick up my glasses, they didn't even check to make sure they fit. I kept kept telling her the nose piece was too tight and she said. I can't do anything about that. Got so bad I can't even wear them. My ears are burning, my nose is red hot from the nose piece. I'll never go here again. Worse customer service, worst receptionists ever.

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