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Bo Dec 31, 2018 Rio Rancho, NM Review updated:

Today December 31 2018 I purchased groceries at our local walmart. I was buying alchohol and they carded me which is fine I'm 48 years old. The cashier wasn't old enough so we waited for a manager for about 15 minutes. The manager female Kimberly arrived and was not professional and had no personality. She carded my wife 43 years old she didn't have her ID. Kimberly said she could not sell the alchohol. We asked for another Manager Todd who showed up another 15 20 minutes later.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rio Rancho, NM Kimberly was insistant that she was not going to let me purchase alchohol even though I had the ID and my wife didn't. They couldn't make up there mind and finally Todd said no. I explained I was the one buying it and it is totally legal.
I am a retired NM Officer and there is no law that states the person with you has to have an ID when purchasing alchohol in a grocery store.. This is a family store and family members are going to be with you who aren't even 21. Kimberly is not professional and had no personality to deal with customers. I was very embarrassed as there was many people in line including the cashiers that know me.

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  •   Dec 31, 2018

    Why not simply remove the alcohol from your order and check out. Let your wife take the groceries to your car while you go back in and buy the alcohol alone.

    If you’re a police officer, call the local precinct and ask one of them to accompany you to buy your booze. Have them check the law as well and if Walmart is wrong, then relay the information to the store manager.

    Kimberly had no personality? Perhaps she was tired of dealing with customers who argue.

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  •   Dec 31, 2018

    The cashier not being old enough is complete bs.

    How can this be a family store? Have y SEEN the trash on that site "The People of Walmart?". Family store, my patootie!

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  •   Dec 31, 2018

    You are so not old enough to drink or drive for that matter. You have no idea the difference between their, there or they're.

    God, you fool.

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