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8745 Branch Avenue, Clinton, MD, United States Review updated:

Good day. This complaint is in regards to my shopping experience at 8745 Branch Avenue, Clinton, Maryland 20735 Walmart store on Wednesday 4/14/10.The cashier employee Avila Lewis, behavior was unpleasant. I had two orders. The first were for groceries I paid for. The second were for clothes. Avila Lewis rang up the purse I wanted to purchase and started aggressively taking out the stuffed paper that I had wanted to stay in the purse. She didn't stop taking the paper out until she finished and wasn't paying attention to me. She was rude and aggressive and she even disgustingly took the paper out of her trash bucket and put it back in my purse! Her conduct was unprofessional and distasteful. I asked for the manager. I had came to the store to shop and was then treated harshly for no apparent reason and I received a full refund. I spoke to the Assistant store manager Pamela, who informed me I could not be told what will happen to Avil Lewis, who was still behaving erratically and bursting out her own name. It also seemed to me that Avil Lewis discriminated against me for my speech impairment. No customer and customers with disabilities should be treated with disrespect, this type of nasty temper behavior should not be tolerated. I believe she should be fired. She may even go by the name Avila.

Avil Lewis behavior seemed like she has done this before many times and she smiled and laughed about the matter while talking to people in management like nothing was wrong and like they were her friends. I still do not know if she's been fired. She was not sent away from the cash register by Pamela. I believe this matter was not taken seriously and I even email Walmart customer service to send my complaint to the corporate/headquarters twice and still no response from them. I will not shop their again and I'll will not shop at any Walmart store.

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  • Be
      20th of Apr, 2010

    Well first of all helpNu it's okay for her to take the paper out of the small purse but she shouldn't have thrown it it the trash and put it but in the purse. Her behavior was nasty and it seem that maybe you have or would do something disgusting like that since you're taking up for her. And by the well there's other great stores to shop at-Right! Bad behavior gone undisciplined can make anyone in the world think they can do it over again!

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  • He
      17th of Sep, 2010

    You expect to meet "professional" people at walmart. People are professional in a career. (Not a job) People that work at walmart are getting paid minimum wage to do a lot of work. I know their attitude usually sucks there but thats how most people act for minimum wage because they can find another low paying job somewhere else pretty quickly. Go to a local store or mall and stay away from Wal Mart.

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  • Ri
      30th of May, 2011

    I've worked at WM for 11 yrs and as a cashier for the last 4 yrs. It is policy that cashiers look in all purses and usually remove the paper. If the customer wants the paper they can have it. To think that if a worker in WM or any other store should be fired because one customer(like yo out of 100-200 per day handled by that cashier is INSANE unless the offense of the cashier is extreme(cussing at the customer, obvious discrimination, or touching the customer, etc). All you customers that find it so easy to find fault with WM employees need to get a job at WM or some other business that deals with vast numbers of the general public and experience the general rudeness of at least 40%-50% of people like you! You will have a different perspective of the entire siuation quickly! Using your logic, if a customer is rude or nasty they should bo told "You may not shop here again"! How about those bananas!

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