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Walmart / banned from walmart

1 550 Old Turnpike Rocky Mount, VA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 15404841002

I am very angry at Walmart . I was in ur Walmart store here in Rocky Mount Va on June 29 2007 @9;30 P.M. and there was a clothes hanger laying on the floor and i didn't see it and i slipped up on it and fell, busted the back of my head and busted up my left arm and shoulder. Walmart said they had to take me to the hospital and they would pay the bills . Well I had to go thru several drs and Walmart told me they would pay my medical bills but come to find out as of today they still haven't been paid. The dr put me on pain medication and i was on pain medication which I am still on and the dr dropped the dosage and I started getting side affects to it and i called and told her but she never did anything about it and I went into your Rocky Mount Va Walmart store on December 3 2007 and was doing some shopping. I was going to buy a Nascar coat and I was looking at the tag and accidently tore it off by mistake so I decided I didn;t want the coat so I went and put it back on the shelf and then I decided to go back and get it and when i went to pick it up I forgot to get the tag and when I got to the counter to pay for my merchandise I forgot to put the coat up there and the girl that checked me out didn't say anything about the coat and I forgot to pay for it and when I went out the door the buzzer went off and here comes the lost prevention people and they told me I would have to come with them and they called the law. I told the law i was on medication and i just forgot the coat was hanging across the buggy, the girl at the register should have asked me about the coat.Now I am banned from Walmart and they told me I couldn't come back there no more. I was on medication at that time and the side affects was confusion. By the way Walmart didn't pay nothing on my fall after they said they would have to pay the bill and as of today Walmart hasn't paid a dime on it. I called Walmart Claims and they said they didn't have a file on me but they sent me 4 of my bills back to me and i called them back and they said that was all they had and i told them they had some more and they argued me they didn;t have any but a week later they sent me all of them.Now i am a law abiding citizen and i haven't done anything like that before in my life and the dr even told me it was the medication.I am asking u to reason with the Walmrt in Rocky Mount Va and get them to let me come back in there because i do have a lawyer working on this for me and if u don't won't to get sued over again you can let me come back into Walmrt again.I am telling u it was the medication. Please just give me another chance. U can reach me at Katherine S.Angel P.O. Box 2168 Rocky Mount Va 24151 or call me at [protected] and if I don't answer please leave a name number, and a message what's it;s concerning and I will call u back or u can email me at

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  • Ka
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I was in your Walmart store in Rocky Mount Va on December 3 2007 and I was shopping and I was going to buy me a coat. I was on medication at the time and I just laid the coat over the buggy and was looking at the tag of how much it was and I accidently pulled the tag off and went on done my shopping and when I got done shopping I went to check out and I forgot the coat was there and the
    cashier didn't ask about the coat so I forgot it and i went on out the door and the buzzer went off. I fell in your Rocky Mount Va walmart store on June 29 2007 and I was put on medication and the dr had took me off that medication and put me on a lower dosage and i got confused with it and just forgot the coat was there and now I am banned from the store.When I fell in June 29 2007 they (Walmart) told me they were going to pay my bills also but they never paid the first dime on them and I think that is also wrong. I sent everyone of them to them and I called them and told them to send me back a copy of each one of them and they said they didn't have anything on me but 4 days later I got 3 of the bills in the mail . I called again and told them that wasn't all them and they said they didn't have any more and I told them "Yes u Do because i sent everyone of them to u" and then a week later I got a copy of the rest of them and as of this day Walmart hasn't paid one red dime on my medical bills.I hurt my left arm and busted the back of my head and My left arm is still Black and blue from that fall . I have a good mind going back and suing u all over again or u can talk to the Walmrt in Rocky Mount Va . and see about me coming back there. U can do one thing or the other.I couldn't help it if the medication went against me. I am already talking to a lawyer about this so u can email me at Godslittlequeen@Yahoo.comor write to me at Katherine S. Angel P.O. Box 2168 Rocky Mount Va 24151 phone 15402430814.I am telling u it was tha medication I was on and then the dr dropped the dosage and it went against me.

  • Jo
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    Your a fraud. Quit costing tax payers money with your scams. We don't want to suffer because you don't have a GED.

  • No
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    americans are funny.

    If you fell in their store, why do you expect them to pay your medical bills?
    What if f you tripped over an exposed root and fell outside, on american soil, would you expect the goverment to pay your bills?

    I do feel bad for you having to pay for your own medical bills, seeing as I am canadian, and healthcare is free. I cant imagine having to pay to have a broken arm repaired. that just seems rediculous.

    But in consideration of your complaint regarding your accidental shoplifting, wether it was an accident or not, you still stole from the store. They have every right to ban you, and you dont have a leg to stand on filing a complaint against them because you dont know how to walk.

  • Wy
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    worthless trash..

  • Nl
      26th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Ever hear of a 'personal injury lawyer? NY is crawling with them; I would have called one within 24hrs and sued the [censored] outta them after I was injured. As for shopping there again? Have you not heard "Let the buyer beware" ? Guess it means in more ways than one.

  • Wa
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I call ###. Your a thief and a scam artist. And im offended you think were all dumb enough to believe your lies. They should of had you arrested and charged with shoplifting. Your and ###.

  • Ar
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    This person keeps posting the same story in various places, and the story keeps changing.

  • Re
      25th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    WHY are you posting on here...asking for help...with dealing with Walmart?
    Do you honestly thinking that being on pain medication entitles you to steal a coat? Ive taken pain meds for years and have never tried to scam a store like this. Actually I never even thought about it...yet you tried to pull it off. They should have had you arrested on the spot and charged with everything they could.

    Instead of all the shopping / shop lifting / drugs and drama perhaps you should go back to school so you can learn how to converse with others...learn to read...all of it. It's a lot easier than scamming people.

  • Do
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    Don't you hate it when that happens? Oh! the drama. I don't think I have ever ripped a price tag off by accident- No, I don't think that has ever happened. I wonder if the coat hanger was strategically placed because I don't think I would ever be that beguilling enough to pursue a personal injury lawsuit like that. I hope the security cameras caught your little scam. Maybe going back to the same store and stealing the coat was like sending a message to Walmart that somehow they still owe you. Pain medications or not, you are still responsible for your own actions and the consequences that arise from that. I do hope you weren't driving.

  • Me
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    Walmart has protocol for dealing with customer injuries. Number one rule, "Never admit fault or say you're sorry".
    Walmart would never have told you they would "pay" the hospital bills. That's a complete lie. This whole story is made up.

    My IQ dropped 20 points for just acknowledging this train wreck.


  • Sh
      9th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Merbeen thinks she is Sherlock holmes. She thinks people are like her- with no life, beowsing the net non stop as opposed to putting in to its proper use (e.G. filing a complaint, for instance, when yuo feel your customers rights have been violated.)

  • Fu
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    Ok, so you tore a tag off a coat, and tried to pass it off as one you wore to the store. Yeah that's exactly what happened. Shame Shame Shame

  • Lr
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    I was taking meds one time during vacation. Went to a drug store to get some film for the camera and walked out the door without paying for the film just a second, nothing went off, but I went back and paid and no one said anything to me. I was just out of it. The meds I take can knock you on your backside. I was a nervous wreck. Thought they would lock me up for stealing under $4.00 roll of film. If you are on meds and fell light headed take a friend with you and this way you can stay in the clear.

  • Ro
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    sounds like a jack ### to me

  • Un
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    Haha is it just me or does anybody else want to prank call this chick. Or atleast write her number on truck stop bathroom walls next to "want a good time? Call me"? Seriousley who puts their address and phone number on a website? Then again it's probably shut off by now... Crack is expensive I hear.

  • Go
      4th of Jul, 2010
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  • Sc
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    First of all, how can someone be a registered nurse and not be able to spell common English words. Second, I have worked for WalMart for 11 years and no store I have worked at has been closed other than from Christmas Eve at 8:00 (used to be 6:00) p.m. until 6:00 a.m. 12/26.
    Would her hospital (if she even is a nurse) allow a customer or patient to violate rules that the administration had set up? I don't think so. If she had been allowed in a closed store and had gotten injured in some way, the store manager would have lost his job and WalMart would have been sued for an outrageous amount of money (even though this wasn't about money). HAHA If it wasn't about money, why does she want gas money, reimbursement of the money she paid at a "higher priced" store because she cannot manage her household and desperately needed this "pop" and a $25 gift card. I don't think I would want this uneducated, inconsiderate person being my nurse. Thank you

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