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Walmart / horrible customer service

1 1002 W Beacon St.Philadelphia, MS, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 601-656-6456

OMG!!! Where do I begin?! First off, I went into the studio on 04/09/2008 to schedule an appointment for my 6month old son to take pictures. I wanted him to have some Easter pictures taken along with just regular pictures. From the jump, the associate appeared a little 'disoriented.' I came into the studio while she was shooting a photo of a girl with her baby. I politely and patiently sat down and waited for her. I quietly sat as she went through the pictures with the customer and helped her decide on the package that she would get. Just as she appeared to be finishing up, I noticed that a woman and a man came into the store along with their daughter. Immediately after she was through with the girl and her baby, she turned her attention to the people that had just came in. Now, mind you.. I had been waiting now for about 25 mins... just to schedule an appointment. So, she took her time with the 'new customers' and got their pictures. The woman decided that she didn't want some of the pictures and they got into a whole discussion about that. So, I'm looking at the time and about now, I'm getting a little restless. So, since she couldn't convince the woman to take the rest of the pictures then, she put them away and the woman paid for what she wanted and then left. I simply stared at her (the associate). After about another five minutes, she goes and turns her attention to me now. She asked if she could help me and I told her YES! I would like to schedule an appointment for my son to take EASTER pictures. She asked me when I would like the appointment and I told her tomorrow if possible. She asked how old was my son and I told her 6 months. She then went on to say that she can do it early in the morning because she will be there and basically, she takes better pictures than the other photographers.. I kinda gave her a look and she said, I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't say that.. So, she 'made' my appointment for 10am on 4/10/2008.. or so I thought. The following morning, I went down to the studio a little earlier than I was supposed to show up.. probably 10 minutes earlier. So, I went into walmart and did a little shopping. I came back and she was in there with the register drawer out. I knocked on the glass and asked if she was open and boy did she have an attitude!!! I decided to endure it for a moment, I want my son to have pictures and these were his 1st. So, me and my mother went into the studio and she took her sweet loving time about everything!!! She even left us in the store with her register out because someone called her on her telephone and told her that they were outside and that they went to hardees. So me and my mother are sitting there, just baffled.. and finally she comes back in. She then goes on about how she just left her register out as if WE took anything!!! I told her flatly, we didn't take anything!!! So, she asks me to fill out a form and I did. She looks into the computer and says that she doesn't have me scheduled for today. At this time, another woman walks in with a group of kids. Come to find out, she had booked my appointment for Saturday instead of the Friday like I requested. So, I told her that if it would be a problem, then I would just leave. She assured me that everything would be okay and we got started with the pictures. Now, mind you.. I wanted him to take Easter pics.. and I repeated it over and over again... NOT ONE of his photos pertained to EASTER!!! She threw his background together.. the props were DIRTY, it was just a horrible session!! I was getting agitated, my mother was getting VERY angry and to top it off, she got on the telephone in the middle of shooting my son's pictures and started talking.. so when he did smile and look at the camera she didn't even get those shots!!! He started to get fussy and I told her that I didn't want to take anymore pictures that I wanted to end the shoot. She told me that she HAD to take more pictures and all this whoo haa!!! So, I continued to wait around and I allowed her to take more pictures.. My son is becoming restless and tired and I am ready to go. So, she is huffing and puffing and I said, enough! So, after she finished shooting his pictures, she takes me over to the counter and allows me to view his photos.. now even though I was already upset with the fact that she WOULD not take EASTER pictures of him, I decided that I would at least order a few photos that I liked. So, she is going through them, basically, decorating them the way she wants to and if I didn't like what she did, she would get upset about it. She even said in a snappy tone, YOU CAN GET YOUR PICTURES ANY WAY YOU WANT THEM..!! So, at this point, my mother who is about ready to CURSE the woman, left out of the store with my son. So, I stayed there until she got finished doing everything on the computer. When we got to talking about the packages, she goes on to say that the best package for me would be $399.99. I was like whooooa.. wait a minute.. you don't have any cheaper packages than that. She flat out told me NO! She told me that I could go with the $7.99 package but I HAD to use his 1st picture that was taken and I couldn't change it out. His 1st picture was horrible.. he was crying in it!!! I was like well.. I don't want that package.. could you find me another package. She then went on to tell me.. as she is pointing out his different pictures that if I got this certain picture it would be $60.00 alone. If I got this picture it would be $30.00 for just ONE picture!!! So, she led me to believe that the package she spoke of at first was basically all I could get. I told her that was too expense and I didn't want to spend that much money on those pictures.. when in fact they didn't even have EASTER photos in them.. She had the NERVE to ask me if my mother would help me pay for these photos and I told her NO! She then went as far as to ask if my BABY'S FATHER would pay for my pictures.. now I'm pissed off. I didn't want to cause a scene because there were other customers in the store with their children.. but at this point, I was about to tell her to shove those pictures up her flabby ###!!! So then we go over to the counter and she gets to messing around... and asked me what I wanted to do. I asked if I had to pay all of the money up front and she said I had to pay at least $60.00. So, I ripped out a check and she told me not to fill it out because she was just going to run it through.. you know the E-check thing. So, we agreed that I would pay $60.00 as a down payment for the pictures. Well, guess what she did.. without me even knowing it.. she ran my check twice.. and I ended up paying a $120.00 deposit. I didn't notice it until after I got home. On the first receipt it has $60.00. But on the second receipt with a summary of my order and copies of the pics I order it read: down payment.. $120.00. I was furious!!! So, I called customer service and talked with some guy. I told him everything that happened and he did tell me that the store offered a variety of packages. I am so upset by now that I could turn RED if I was a few shades lighter!!! I told him about her running my check twice and he tells me she didn't. So, I'm looking over the receipts and I'm telling him that SHE DID charge me twice. I looked on the back of the check and you can see where it was ran twice!!! So, he tells me that he would call the store and give me a call back.. guess what.. he couldn't reach anyone at the store.. and so he wanted me to call them back on Saturday 04/11/2008 and they would cancel my order. I called the customer service number again to get the name and number of the district manager of that particular studio and THIS representative only gave me her name and told me that I had to talk to them. I am very unsatisfied with the service I received there and I want to talk to the district manager.. because I believe that she should know what type of person she has working in her store!!

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  • Je
      12th of May, 2009
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    Holy! That made my day seem way better. Thanks

  • Lc
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Acually the photography studio is contracted out by Wal=mart. They are not walmart associates. Not that is matters

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