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Walmart Pharmacy / very rude service

1 1404 w. wilsonBorger, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 806-274-7243

Ive had multiple problems with my Walmart Pharmacy. They never have our prescriptions ready even when called in days in advance. We wait and wait or come back numerous times before our medicines are ready. Lately we've had trouble getting our insurance straightened out, only with walmart. We had 2 policies and then lost one. We notified the pharmacy within days. We've talked to our insurance company over half a dozen times in the last 4 months. All walmart has to do is call their number and answer a couple questions when it pops up on their screen, (which is what they are supposed to do) and then it would all be taken care of. They wont do it!!! They're too busy and tell me to call them AGAIN! I told them today I've already spoken with them and he said it was denied due to termination, so I gave him the brand new card I just recieved, he tried it (so he says) and said it didnt work. Then said he "DIDNT HAVE TIME, HE WAS AN HOUR BEHIND, THEN TOLD ANOTHER LADY WHO WORKED THERE, IT WAS A 2 HOUR WAIT THEN LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AND SAID, ITS A 3 HOUR WAIT IF THEY COMPLAIN!!" He said he had the choice of ticking off 400 people or me, so it looked like it was my day. The girl checking people out looked mortified that he spoke to me that way. She apologized and I said it wasnt her place, she didnt owe me one. Last week I got much the same reaction from a female pharmacist who worked there, told me she didnt have time to make a phone call. She took the number and said she'd take care of it the next day. Well needless to say she didnt do her job either. I went home and called another local pharmacy and am in the process of having all of our business transferred. They are horrible. They've gotten too big to treat people like Sam Walton promised they would be treated. You're nothing but a number in their computer, IF they have time for you at all!


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