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Walmart Automotive / no warranty

1 1700 S Orange Blossom TrlApopka, FL, United States

A few days earlier my Partner noticed the tire on the right passanger side was going I reinflated it..yesterday she again noticed it was going flat..last year I bought four new tires and paid extra for the lifetime I called Walmart asked the Woman to look up my info and asked her if my warranty covered replacing my tire she said yes it does and we close at I pumped it up again and rushed to Walmart..I came in told a Lady who I was and she said go ahead and tell someone out there what you I did..and that's when we began dancing..

First he informs me I may have to pay as little as $20 for my replacement tire or maybe as much as half the value if I used up more then 25% of my tire..I informed him I bought new tires from them and I paid extra for the lifetime warranty so I want what I paid for a replacement tire free of charge..he said the most they can do is fix it for free..I said fine as long as I do not pay one penny..then he added, but if it can't be fixed you'll have to pay something..I said not if it comes to that put the tire back on and I'll take my business elsewhere and never come back here for work of any kind..

Here's where it gets funny he said he put in for it to be repaired, but if it can't be fixed they'll give me the tire for free if I buy another lifetime warranty..I said hell no..I'll never buy tires or warranties from here again..I said what's the point in paying extra for a ###ing warranty you have no intentions of he said "we'll try to fix it for you"..I should add the Manager I think he was the assistant Manager tried to sing the same song, but when I started getting mad he disappeared..they took my keys and began working on my tire..they gave me this little pager thing that vibrates when my car is my Partner and I walked through the store...Had it not been for the fact I didn't get paid until the 12th and also had it not been for the fact I paid extra for a lifetime warranty I would have paid the fee they requested then never come back and filed a complaint with the then I was pissed!! Why is it when Mechanics see a Woman coming and they imagine a bullseye everytime??

I returned when my car was ready and was told they gave in and gave me a new tire because my old one could not be fixed they didn't charge me, but they had to charge me $1.07 some silly thing about a state requirement fee..I'm sorry, but lifetime warranties should cover "EVERYTHING" that's why we pay out the ### for them..luckily my Partner just happened to have $1.07 on her. They actually took our last $1.00 and got mad at us for it! Walmart Automotive is a scam outfit, their so called warranties are a joke..when I told them I was never told about any 25% usage bs and if I had been I would not have paid that extra amount for the warranty nor would I have bought my tires there..they practice bad business and I plan on telling everyone I know to avoid them like the plague..if they pull this one on you argue with them don't sit back accept their bs and sit and lick your wounds..if you pay extra for the lifetime warranty tell them you wont pay any extra fees also let them know you'll file a complaint with the BBB..get feisty with them..they know they owed me that free tire under my warranty they just didn't want to let me have it...they even had the balls to try to sell me another lifetime warranty to cover my new tire..that was the biggest joke of all!! I was so mad at them for trying to cheat me I walked out with that pager thing so I drove my car up to the garage to return it..and one of the mechanics snarled at me as he snatched the pager out of my hand..he was lucky had I been any madder I would have jerked his ### through my window and beat the snot out of him he was just lucky my Partner was there I wasn't going to risk her getting hurt..instead I just laughed and drove away..I will NEVER return to Walmart for my automotive needs..I'll go to Zychs instead it's run by a Father and Son team and they are very honest...


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