Walgreenspharmacy constantly out of pain medicine

Several Days in January 2015 I brought my pain prescription to the pharmacy as was told it was not in stock. When I asked if they could tell when it may arrive I was advised they didn't know. It was on order but it never comes. Advised me to just keep trying. I asked to speak with the pharmacist on duty on the 3rd try & she stated that even if they had it in stock the quantity was to high. They don't usually fill a controlled substance over 90 tablets in one month. My prescription was for 120 tablets. I tried 3 more times & was continuously advised "Out of Stock." The prescription is legitimate. I have been receiving the same medicine by the same doctor for a couple of years due to an automobile accident. I was forced to find a new pharmacy in January 2015 because the one I used had new regulations in place & I didn't mean one of them at that ime. A patient should be able to have their Medically Necessary medication filled at a pharmacy with out being denied services. The pharmacy has a duty to stock medication. If the prescription has all things required to be legal then there shouldn't be any reason the pharmacist refuses to fill. This was not the only Walgreens I was denied access to medicine. I tried several. I have tried several other pharmacies as well such as CVS, Walmart & Publix. With same reasons to turn me away. It is unethical & very cruel.

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