Volpe Enterprises, Inc.composite decking on flat roof

I thought I was done complaining about Gary Volpe and his lousy work back in 2007 when he screwed up our flat roof, decking boards, walls and gate. Now 10 years later, after so many leaks and now, bedroom ceiling damage, we hired a good roofing company to fix the leak. To our horror, the new roofers could not get the 2007 decking boards up due to the fact that the Volpe crew used the wrong screws. The new roofers tell me that the Robinson type screws that Volpe used to install the boards with are not external decking screws and should not have been used.See Top 10 Worst Companies in North Wales, PAThe screws all rusted and were causing too many problems and delay to remove, so they had to rip the boards up by cutting them off and they are now scrapped. That was about $4000 or more down the drain for a deck that should have lasted a lifetime. Now the roof which will be protected by waterproofing TPO will be covered with an outdoor rug. We feel that again, after all these years of trying to forget about our bad experience with Volpe Enterprises, they have managed to victimize us once again. I felt obligated to pass this on. We hope to move next year and forget about Volpe once and for all.

May 15, 2017

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