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1 United States is bar-none the worst experience I have ever had with a business, and I would advise to NEVER use them for anything as there are much better companies out there for processing visas.

First I'll tell you WHAT happen… but second (and much worse) I will tell you HOW it was handled.

I was booked for a last second job and in a rush to get a VISA for India, so I ordered a RUSH Visa that the website instructed (and needed to be) shipped overnight to Visa Express. After all, I was on a turn-around time of days. I also had to purchase passport photos for the Visa application as instructed from a local store.

In total, this cost me $50.

I get a call after they have received my paper work telling me that they no longer process India visa applications. Yet, their website is entirely setup to process India Visas. Every downloadable form is available and even HOSTED ON THEIR SITE. All links, even information and rates and holidays, etc. for the India Visas are all present on the website. Not in hidden corners, either. These are prominently displayed (see photo).

In fact, there is no indication of the fact they do not process India Visas except on ONE page out of over a dozen pages, in a LIGHT GRAY, SIZE 8 FONT in a *FOOTER* section that read "We currently do not offer Indian visa service. Thank you" - Not only did I miss this, the two people sitting with me on my team never saw this tiny, faded text hiding in the corner either.

You would think something this important would be clearly spelled out in a large, bold, red font. On every page. With no downloadable forms hosted anymore. Better yet, their website would actually take the time to remove all of the prominently displayed links and information for an Indian Visa that are plastered all over their web page.

Nonetheless, it happen…. costing me $50 and almost missing the deadline I had to receive my Indian visa by before leaving the country (thank God for more competent online visa processing services who promptly and professionally processed my paper work).

I told Visa Express that this was not only hugely misleading and inconvenient, but needed to be fixed, as it cost me $50 in shipping/pictures AND required me to spend 2 hours filling out another form from a different company, taking new photos, and overnighting the application all the while hoping my VISA would arrive in the nick of time.

** So HOW was this handled? **

I was told to talk to the manager (who also happens to be the owner of the company). I left a voicemail. No response. A few days later I called back. I was told he was out of the office again. I said I'd try later. Later, still no one there. So I left another voicemail.

And another.
And another...
And another...

Everyday for the week before I left India. And then resumed again when I returned home - merely out of principal at this point, I continued to call almost daily, sometimes multiple times in one day. Tony was NEVER in his office (supposedly). I left well over a dozen voicemails, all polite.

Finally after taking a two week break from calling, and then calling back using a different name, magically I get through to Tony the first try.

Once we begin talking and I explained the problem with the website (calmly, might I add) he became extremely aggressive and implies that I am incompetent for sending in a VISA application when it "clearly" says they do not process anymore. In fact, he says it is not even possible, despite the fact that I am on the webpage at that time telling him exactly what I see and that his forms are all hosted there.

He tells me it is not his problem and not his fault that I sent in the Visa (see pictures of website that I posted).

At this point… I haven't even asked for my money back on shipping fees!!! All I have done is call in to inform them that their website was misleading and caused me a lot of trouble.

Once I asked for them to refund me my shipping fees for the trouble, he tells me "no way", it's not his problem or his responsibility (he's the owner of the company), says that he doesn't care, and then HANGS UP ON ME.

Not a single apology for the inconvenience
No explanation for not returning my calls (which I asked him about bluntly and to which the subject was immediately changed)
Aggressive and insulting
No resolution. Not even a hint of remorse.

$50 is "only" $50 but to me it's about principal, and this was the absolute worst customer service and worst business owner I have ever dealt with in my life.

I am not saying this is a scam or a hoax. They never took any of my money directly, but they cost me time and money and were extremely rude, did not return phone calls, and this was all before I even asked for any sort of compensation.

I would advise everyone to NEVER use / Visa Express Net for anything. There are MUCH better visa processing companies that are far more professional and gave me superb and professional customer service.

Feb 16, 2013

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