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Virginia Employment Commission / Calls trying to pursuade me in filling unemployment compensation with discriminitory state of New Mexico

1 Richmond, VA, United States Review updated:
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I filed my wrongful employment termination claim with the Virginia Unemployment Commission since the majority of my wages were made in that state based on the base period.

I have received two calls trying to persuade me to fill my unemployment compensation with the discriminatory state of New Mexico (Albuquerque)l.

I have had to call every step of the way to get the status of my claim. I always get general rules and regulations, but never anything in reference to benefit amount or dates that I must keep via mail.

When attempting to get this information by calling, I have been brushed aside or hung up on with no regard for me at all. In every case, I must struggle to get a supervisor.

I have instructed a federally employed colleague of mine from Washington, DC and an old co-worker (still employed with ex-employer) to be present during my fact-finding interview on May 4, 2009 at 8:30 am Mountain time.

Thank you for any assistance.

Jerrald T. Mackey

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  • Ta
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My case is similar. I lost my position in July and have spent the last three months trying to get compensation from the state of Virginia. First, there was no record of my employment - even though I had filed 2008 Virginia Income Tax forms! When that was finally resolved and I received a letter explaining my compensation benefits, there was no indication that there would be any further delay.

    When I finally spoke with a human being - after several hours on hold and three phone calls, I was informed (with a lot of complaints) that I STILL had not been approved for compensation and that would take another 28 days from the date on the letter!

    Needless to say, at this point all funds are running extremely low - with no job offers in sight - and increasingly aggressive calls about late bills.

    I think that the Virginia office is woefully understaffed (probably the reason they wanted you to register in another state) and the system is obviously dysfunctional. There are so many of us in the same boat that the whole situation is unbearable! We are prisoners of the system - dammed for losing our jobs, dammed for needing a speedy resolution for aid, and doomed to be constantly victimized by the very agencies that are supposed to provide support.

    Nuff said.

  • On
      3rd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received my first payment at the end of June, after initial filing in late April. Nothing but the runaround. The first few times0 "no record whatsoever" and I'm holding my "confirmation" in my hand- THE ONE THEY MAILED ME! Nobody knows why. If you ever reach someone, they say Oh, you'll get payment next week, yet it never comes. Actually, the last call, I appealed to get my payments for the first two months and the person on the telephone said, "I have no idea about the appeal and I have no idea who you should talk too." I asked for her supervisor several times and she kept saying her supervisor would have nothing to do with it- its handled out of Richmond, but she had no idea who I should call. I'm graduated top of my class- Cum Laude, I have a cell phone and a computer- I can not imagine what those who are lesser equipped to battle with them have to go through to feed their children. It is, without exaggeration, criminal what they are doing to people. You can tell its intentional as they do not keep a record of a single "contact". Or they don't admit it. I can't imagine telling someone in desperate need, "I don't have an answer for you, you're on your own." I could never work for such an agency, and I'm not one to be choosy at the moment. The managers should be help personally responsible and the state should be investigated. I'm blessed with friends who helped me through, even thought I've worked every day since I was 14 and should not have had to go through the humiliation of asking for their help. Please send advice if you know who I should contact about my appeal. Again, without exaggeration, of my 50+ telephone calls, not even a quarter made it through to a person, and maybe, just maybe, 4 of the conversations were with someone remotely interested and willing to be helpful. I was a Program Analyst for a Federal agency for 4 years. I will volunteer my time, as I'm unemployed, to review their process and offer recommendations. And unlike their hostile employees- I will remain focused on helping the citizens and protecting the Commonwealth, and overlook how I was treated in doing so. I bet they wont take me up on my offer.

  • An
      25th of Nov, 2012
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    Virginia Employment Commission - ID theft
    United States

    I recently had a chance to view my blocked social security statement. The ring is massive and the core is a dangerous local university. I was so embarrassed. A volcanic cram hit my abdomen and I passed out, a coffee ground material. It took me down to main street of Lynchburg where the hate crime is. I left.

  • Jo
      7th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    No change after all these years - they are still VERY favorable towards the employer in VA. Word to the wise if you ever have to file in VA, you will probably get screwed. Keep good records, but remember that barely more than a quarter of those eligible for employment compensation in VA ever get to receive it. The employers can blow off the whole hearing process and not be punished at all - totally despicable behavior, but face it, the state doesn't really want to pay these benefits so they will take whatever loophole they can to avoid the process.

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