Vector Security Systems / Fraud/Illegal Activity

Kannapolis, NC, United States

Stacie, from Vector security Systems, came to my home and introduced herself as someone who was NOT selling a product. Lie #1. She then proceeded to tell me that because of my location, she would like to use our home as a "project home". Being a 'Project Home" would entitle me to have all of the equipment and labor for free. All I would have to do is pay for a 1year service. Lie #2. She also said that I was the last home in the neighborhood to be offered this. Lie #3. After talking to my neighbors, I discovered she was SELLING this to everyone. Two of my neighbors actually did do this and are now discontinuing the service. But the thing that really set me off was her asking me if it was ok for her to call in and verify that I am the true owner of the house. It made sense to me at the time, I could have been a renter. After her phone call, she told me there was a problem on their end and she would call me back tomorrow. She had me sign a small form and said it was permission to check ownership of my home. Lie #4. SHE RAN MY CREDIT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. The phone call she made was a credit check. I didn't pass and, of course, I never heard from her the next day.


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