USAFISfake company that steal your card information

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When I was talking with my friends about the green card lottery, the couple sat next to us interrupted us and said that they won the lottery through this company, USAFIS. Without second thought, I believed this couple and input my debt card information to pay and subscribe their service. However, the website claimed that my card information was incorrect, which triggered my doubt to this company. Then I googled this company and saw all these complaints, hoping that they were real company that helped people but with a questionable business model.

The next day, I received a voicemail which claimed that it was called from my bank. In the voicemail, they were able to address my name and repeat my card number. Anyway, I called the customer service of my bank and asked if what I heard from the voicemail that there was a big payment blocked from my bank is true. My bank said there is NO SUCH THING. The only explanation of why they were able to articulate my information is that I input my card information in USAFIS website! And USAFIS made fake phone calls and voicemails to scam money!

I googled more about this company and found these news:

I hope that there will be no more victim from this company. Now I had to cancel my debt card and waited for my new card.

Feb 15, 2018
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  •   Jul 27, 2018

    I registered a Usafis lottery and received a phone call from this number ‭+[protected]‬ asking me what I want to do when I come to the United States, I answered and she asked whether my name correspond to the name on my Visa card and I her yes. She then asked whether I’m working or schooling and that i have to pay 700 dollars. I told her I am a student so unless I speak to my people to help me. She then sent me her email address to email her my user name after when I get the money, that’s [protected]
    Please is it real and it’s the Usafis free or not. Thanks

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  • Th
      Sep 11, 2019

    Thanks, I just received an e-mail of theirs, and I decided to google it because I never heard about this company. Now I'm 100% convinced that this is only a way to get my data.

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