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This company is a SCAM!!! They target small business owners and sell a certain amount of key words with a number of first page placement on MAJOR search engine websites such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, but they do NOT do as they say. They use the keywords and optimize it on 3 search engines that they owned. They're a scam!!! They're in business to collect, and not deliver. Do not let these people take your money.

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  • Ja
      Jan 28, 2009

    My name is Jonathan Abdich and I happen to be one of those small business owners "Insurance" is talking about. I own my own home business in Las Vegas and I too was called by a sales rep from USA SEO Pros. After listening to their sales pitch and going through the whole process, I decided to give it a shot. I invested nearly $1500 in this company for 10 keywords, and I got 5 extra keywords through a promotional thing they were doing.

    I won't lie and say I wasn't a bit skeptical, but I wanted to be patient. I've done my own research and due diligence on search engine optimization and I knew that it does take a month or so to take hold. After speaking with their quality assurance manager, Sam, I felt much better going into the whole thing.

    "Insurance" is right - they do promise their clients a certain number of first page placements - but they do deliver them. It took about 3 weeks, but after that my site appeared on the first page of Google, AOL and MSN for many of my keywords. I peaked at 360 first page placements (they'd only guaranteed 260) before my 6 month campaign was finished, and I must say I couldn't have been happier.

    I suppose some people go into search engine optimization with unrealistic expectations. But I've always felt that I should be knowledgeable about something before getting involved and that helped me make the right decision with USA SEO Pros. Long story short, I'm here vouching for a company that gave me what they promised, while the anonymous "Insurance" is complaining. My guess is that they signed up expecting to rank on Google with keywords like "home business". If you understand search engine optimization, that just isn't going to work.

    All of that said, USA SEO Pros worked for me and my business and I'm glad I did it.

    J. Abdich
    Las Vegas, NV 89128

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  • St
      Apr 28, 2009

    They called me and told me all about what they have to offer. I ended up stuck with keywords that were not beneficial for my website. I asked many times for them to be changed, they changed the keyword but not to what I wanted it to be. I have put $2800 into nothing! DONT USE USA SEO PROS!!! ITS A LIE. THEY lied to me many times.

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  • St
      Apr 28, 2009

    They make you think you will get more business with using them but we actually saw a steep decrease (60%) in sales. They will not give you your money back. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THERE SNEAKY WAYS OF MAKING YOU THINK YOUR GETTING SOMETHING FOR YOUR MONEY.,

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  • Jo
      Nov 29, 2009

    J. Abdich is a phony, planted by USA SEO Pros.

    I've been more than patient with USA SEO Pros. I addressed my concerns about SEO (which I know quite a bit about) with their representatives. I still got suckered because they kept all sorts of pertinent information from me.

    4 months into the contract, they have my $2800 dollars. What do I have?

    We have been placed on the first page of three search engines that are owned by USA SEO Pros and, as far as I can tell, unused by anybody anywhere for any reason: FSN Search, Kajole and Jooper.

    They refuse to answer my questions in writing and continue to use vague promises and pushy phone calls to avoid any responsibility.

    RUN AWAY from this company.

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  • Ch
      Jan 18, 2010

    Hi. My name is Christopher Geren. I actually do understand SEO myself because I sell it independantly. I charge my customers $300/month and they actually ARE ranked on google not other random weird search engines that these people were talking about. Everyone just uses google and sometimes yahoo. AOL search is google so there you go. Sometimes you don't even need to go through an SEO company because if your company has the city name in it and there is a lot of text written on the website... google picks it up themselves! And often times you become #1 on the search engine. One company I designed their website for, ... I personally hate the way it turned out because it was so flooded with text and I like designing attractive websites but I just did what he told me so that he would be happy. But all that text makes them show up everywhere on google and 60% of their revenue is brought in by web surfers just lookin around for a good website. I also only charge 400-500 dollars for a 5 page website. If anyone charges more they are a scammer! And as far as how long SEO takes. It takes 3-4 months. End of story! If they promise one month they are a scam! Rome was not built in a day. Neither can be a first page google placement. First page placement is gold, and it takes a good amount of digging and is an investment. But usually only experienced business owners in the right feilds understand the benefit of a first page google placement. And even then, it's now up to your business to sell itself. $1, 200 for 4 months is absolutely a fair price... but you need to make sure the company is not a scam and ask for references that you can call on the phone! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at [protected] or call me at [protected] and I'll gladly help you figure out different companies that will help you. I actually was hired at BDI and they made me sign this contract saying that I wouldn't tell anyone what I learned about the company. I no-call no-showed the next day because they are a scam and I figure if I didn't learn anything in that 2 hour training class of BS, I basically am not liable since they only provided me a 45 dollar check. I'd never slander my name by associating myself with BDI. I no longer reside in Vegas either. So screw off BDI and all of your lies =).

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  • Ge
      Mar 22, 2010

    This guy is fighting hard [redacted] just checkk and

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  • Bu
      May 19, 2010

    I was ripped off by these people to the tune of $1500.00, and had virtually no increase in sales. The websites they created to drive traffic to my business were a jumble of randomly-generated text, some of which was sexually explicit in nature and had nothing to do with my product. Add to that the fact that they filled my server with pornography (they were the only other people who knew my FTP password, so it's a no-brainer that someone on their staff did this), and you have an idea of what kind of business these people are running. Their sales techniques are deceptive and high-pressure. If anyone from this company calls you, hang up. Any positive comments relating to this company are obviously planted.

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  • An
      Dec 21, 2010

    I am trying very hard to recoup the $3000 loss I incurred by believing the money back guarantee that I was lie to about when I agreed over the phone to try this very skilled at being a con artist company. USAA gave me a temporary credit then took it back when seo pros sent USAA 20-30 pages of legal contract that I had never seen before and certainly never signed. USAA never gave me the chance to respond and just gave the $3000 back to seo pros. Now I am raising the bar and disputing the decision USAA made to pay seo pros with my money. My business has not benefited from anything that seo pros has or has not done. Waste of time on top of waste of money as I have spent in excess of 10 hours of phone time and 3-4 hours of written communication time in addition to the $3000 for zip.. nada.. nothing to benifit me or my business.

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