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USA Locksmith / Price Scam

1 Medford, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-721-5131

I went to yahoo local to find a local locksmith to just cut the lock off my mailbox. It rusted and the key broke inside. Most phone numbers of locksmiths listed in yahoo local were transferred to USA Locksmith and not the company that was listed. I called twice and was told BOTH time that it was $39.50 for the service call and another 30 something for a lock. But I didn't want a lock, only for it to be cut off. The guy they sent out was fine, working out of his mini van, but wrote me a bill for $80. I wrote on the bill that I was quoted $39.50 to cover myself and that I didn't agree to the payment. I called the company and was hung up on. I called the next day and the "manager" Richard basically said too bad. I told him I was putting in dispute with the credit card company and he told me "go ahead, they work for us too." NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Le
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Below are links to various news outlets, consumer protection agencies and state Attorney General offices addressing the issue of "phony locksmiths". The story is familiar in many states: an out-of-state company hires a number of unscrupulous individuals in the area to sub-contract its work using assumed business names, fake addresses and phone numbers. Many times consumers have been over-sold, under serviced, or just plain lied to!

    The Illinois Attorney General filed criminal charges against a New York locksmith operation for setting up phony storefronts with unlicensed individuals practicing locksmithing that lead consumers to believe they were dealing with local companies. The action was successful, and the company was ordered to pay thousands in restitution, to cease operations and to no longer do business in the state under a new name or any of the 25 different names the company had been using in local telephone directories!

    ALOA encourages locksmiths who are facing this same situation to go to their state's Attorney General who can take the appropriate legal action against these fraudulent companies. ALOA recently sent a letter to all Attorneys General urging them to pursue this matter in their state. For a copy of that letter, Click Here . To contact your state's Attorney General, go to Click Here .

    ALOA is also empowering you to take immediate action when these fraudulent operations show up in your city. Click Here for a Press Release that you may send to your local print and broadcast news media outlets. Make sure you put in the date and the name of your city in the highlighted areas.

    For further assistance, contact ALOA Legislative Manager, Tim McMullen at 214-819-9733 x300 or

    Click here to view the Phony Locksmith Press Room with various reports of Phony Locksmiths

  • Le
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    USA Locksmith USA Locksmith ripped me off four times the price they gave on the phone... Horrible customer service... Liars Atlanta, Other Cities Georgia, other states
    USA Locksmith
    Phone: 800-7215131
    Atlanta, Georgia,
    Submitted: 6/18/2008 5:21:29 PM
    Modified: 6/18/2008 5:22:00 PM
    Atlanta, Georgia
    USA Locksmiths fooled me and never told me that they will charge me four times the price they gave me on the phone. $207 is not the amount you pay for a simple locksmith to unlock your car. It was a complete ripoff at the time I desperately needed someone to fairly help me not add to my problems. I wish they go to hell for ripping off a student like that who lives on every single penny.
    They also have a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. Incredibly rude people.
    After a thousand calls and wasting thousands of minutes waiting for ANYONE to speak to me(they passed the calls to each other all the time), they agreed(with maximum rudeness) to give only $40 sent back to my account.
    and guess what?? THEY NEVER DID !!
    It is so unfair to rip off someone in desperate need like that.
    I hope you will never experience 'business' with them because you will terribly regret it.
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Ro
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    This type of locksmith fraud has hit Phoenix big time. And I, a legitimate locksmith company, have been working to educate consumers. You can see the information I've gathered at .

  • Ta
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    On Saturday, August 16, 2008, I called USA Locksmith to help me with re-entry to my apartment. I had been participating in a service project in Africa for 2 weeks, and on the return flight the airline lost my luggage, which contained my house and car keys. I was quoted $55 for the fee to let me in by both RICHARD LAWSON and the technician named ABRUM.

    When the phony technician arrived in an unmarked blue van, he told me that my simple, low-security locks could not be picked. He then DESTROYED both locks on my door and quoted me the already outrageous price of $150 to replace both locks. I was therefore expected to pay $210 for the total job, and the the TECHNICIAN HELD MY CREDIT CARD HOSTAGE AND CHARGED ME $577.80!!! I NEVER authorized the charge, never signed a written bill or receipt, and to this day don't have any documentation! To top that, I wasn't even given keys to one of the locks on my door!

    I experienced the same evasive, blatant hang-up, horrendous customer service from RICHARD LAWSON during my many attempts to contact the company. I have had to call the police, the Better Business Bureau, Bank of America, the Governor's Office for Consumer Affairs, and every news station in Atlanta.

    DO NOT CALL USA LOCKSMITH, and please share this with EVERYONE you know. No one deserves to fall victim to this scam, or to suffer any inconvenience as a result.

  • Le
      19th of Oct, 2008
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    BBB Warns Consumers of Nationwide Locksmith Swindle You may have been a victim and not even know it. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) today is warning consumers to beware of untrustworthy locksmith companies that are ripping off consumers across the country. Victim complaints to the BBB reveal that several locksmith companies, all using similar methods, are significantly overcharging consumers, charging consumers for unnecessary services, using intimidation tactics, and failing to give refunds or respond to consumer complaints. “Ironically, these companies operate under names like ‘Dependable Locksmith’ but in reality they exploit the vulnerable situation of consumers who are locked out of their house or car, ” said Edward Johnson, President of the BBB. “We’ve found that some locksmiths have made taking advantage of consumers’ misfortune part of their business model.” Complaints about locksmith services to the 114 BBBs serving the U.S. increased almost 75 percent from 2005 to 2006, and have continued to come in steadily during the first half of this year. The BBB has identified Dependable Locksmith – which operates under more than a dozen different names – as a particularly disreputable locksmith. This company poses as a local locksmith in cities across the country and advertises in the yellow pages using local phone numbers and fake local addresses. A consumer might think they’re dealing with a local locksmith but their phone call is actually connected to a call center located in the Bronx borough of New York City. Consumers in the mid­Atlantic region are quoted a reasonable price over the phone but when the locksmith arrives – typically in an unmarked vehicle – he demands significantly more money than originally quoted, often only accepting cash. A complaint where Dependable Locksmith was operating under the name “Superb Solutions, ” alleges the company quoted fees of $39 and $84 for separate jobs, but the bill ended up at $471, which included add­on fees such as a $65 breaking in fee and a $58 fee to uninstall old locks. Another complainant reported that the locksmith sent to let her into her car demanded she pay twice the price quoted over the phone. The locksmith offered to drive her to an ATM to get cash – feeling unsafe the victim refused. The victim was ultimately forced to write a check made out personally to the locksmith as he would not let her into her car until she did so. She cancelled payment on the check the next morning, but eventually filed a police report after the locksmith harassed her with continuous phone calls about payment. The BBB has also heard many complaints from victims who say they were charged for unnecessary services. For example, complainants suspect locksmiths sent over by Dependable Locksmiths of pretending they couldn’t simply pick the lock so that they could charge more and install all new locks in homes.
    Some of Dependable Locksmith’s aliases include, Superb Solutions, Locksmith 24 Hour, Inc., USA Total Security, Priceline Locksmith, and S.O.S. Locksmith. Two other locksmith contractors fleecing consumers are Basad, Inc. – which operates under more than 50 names nationwide, such as A­1 Locksmith Service, A­1 24 Hour Locksmith, A­1 Lock & Key Locksmith, and AAA Locksmith 24 Hour – and Liberty Locksmith. Similar to Dependable Locksmith, they pose as local locksmiths and run full­page yellow pages ads with multiple phone and address listings. The phone numbers appear to be local, but connect to national call centers such as Liberty’s in New York City, while the addresses end up belonging to other established businesses in the local area, or are simply non­existent. “These companies are very good at posing as trustworthy locksmiths, ” said Mr. Johnson. “Before you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your car or house, do your research and find a truly dependable locksmith in your area. Ask around and always check with the BBB first to find reputable businesses.” If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of by Dependable Locksmith, Liberty Locksmith, Basad. Inc., or others, please contact the BBB to file a complaint, or do so online at # # #

  • Jo
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    I am sure that you people have had a real bad experience but just to share my experience as it was really good to hire services of Run Local Locksmiths technicians.
    I went off locking the door inside out by mistake as the new technology door of high security, I called one of the local artisans and they said we can not give this services as this technology is not with us .
    I placed two guards on the door that night and tried another artisans they replied in the same manner. I called Run Local Locksmith as they operate 24hours*7nights and even on holidays. I called them at night around 12am and the technicians was available at my place in 15mins he checked the door and replaced the lock in 25mins with the high proficiency and effectiveness.
    I was so happy and delighted with the services that the charge of $450 seemed too reasonable to me. I believe when it comes to services no one can be as good as them . The company and the technicians are wonderful at there work.

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