USA Locksmith / Price Skam

1 Houston, TX, United States

I searched for a locksmith on google after locking my keys in my Jeep last week. I called usa locksmith because they said they were servicing the bellaire, galleria area. I called and recieved the quote of $39.50 to come out and $25 for labor. I was told the locksmith would call me and he did with in about 20 minutes. The locksmith was here fast. He used an air pump that resembled a blood pressure cuff, he put in two spots on my passenger door to get it slightly ajar. Then he used a small claw to pull up my lock. It took less than a minute before he had my door open. I was impressed until he charged me $125. I told him that's not what I was quoted so he gave me a number to customer service. I called them that night and was told I would have to call during business hours. I have not been able to get a hold of them since. Complete rip off!

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