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I was a sucker for the "consultant" job. I should've seen through the pyramid scheme and done my research. Montgomery's last company, Wellspring, had a huge lawsuit, FBI investigation and is now no longer in existence. He is seeking out people on LinkedIn, Craig's List, and Facebook. This company is not listed with the "Healthy People 2010" grant nor is it listed as a non-profit with the IRS. He is a one man show, there is no company, just an answering service to pose as his "headquarters". Do not give your money to him.

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  • Dr
      23rd of Mar, 2010


    You are so wrong and hypocritical. I've been a Corporate Health Coach and Risk Management Consultant with the Chamber and have a personal testimony of their hard work and diligence.

    You joined, never finished training, and quit.

    The Chamber is passionate about creating healthier workforces across the nation and is, in fact, operating off a Grant.

    Choose the right, Melody.

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  • Ld
      24th of Mar, 2010

    Why are you calling me Melody? This is Jenine of Lindstrom Data Solutions. Anyhow, there was about a dozen of us that were signing up for this scam but we all backed out at the same time. We got an attorney who found out the FBI, FTC, BBB and IRS all have fraud alerts on this company.

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  • Dr
      24th of Mar, 2010


    It isn't a scam.

    Are you completely disconnected from reality? Are you ignoring the new employers that have signed up like AAA, Jackson Hewitt, and Sysco? Are you ignoring the success stories like the RMC/Coach who generated nearly $2k in her first month?

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  • Ld
      24th of Mar, 2010

    Mr. Montgomery,

    My lawyer wanted me to thank you for accepting this thread/bait. He also wanted me to thank you for the company listings. This helps the case and our investigation.


    If anyone is reading this thread and a similar situation has happened to you, please file your complaint on The Healthy People 2010 grant is part of the US HHS and is not affiliated in any way with the US Wellness Chamber. You may view info at

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  • Ul
      20th of Jun, 2010

    For some reason I can only see small parts of the above. I'm simply searching to see if the Healthy People 2010 grant is for real. I have someone hitting me hard to see if "I'm in". When I dig deeper into the workings of the program it seems like it acts a lot like a multi-level plan. Is it for real, AND do you have to get other people "in" to make money? It says you can learn how to be a coach in one day! I've been through a coaching certification. It took over a year.

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