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A truly terrible company. All you need to know about this company can be found in the rant on this board complaining about the "idiot" customer upset at bering charged to cancel his/her order. That is exactly the tone of the conversation I had with their service representative. A charming individual named "Nick" insisted on lecturing me on my phone manners while explaining to me that I would be charged $45 for canceling my order. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID


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      17th of Apr, 2012

    Nothing about your WEB site is clear. It is deliberately designed to mislead people and ambush them with a massive "cancellation fee" when they figure out they are being duped. My guess is that your business model is based on your cancellation fees and not for actual services rendered. Search this board and others for other user experiences. Except for the obvious shill comment attacking your "idiot" customer, the overwhelming concensus is that US PASSPORT ONLINE is run by preditory lowlife scammers. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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      17th of Apr, 2012

    This will be my last word, but I assume not the last word. No doubt many other victims will find there way to these postings after they get burned. Hopefully some will find their way here before they are abused, first by the company, and then by the rants of their agents.

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      17th of Mar, 2014

    This company is a total scam and the most arrogant group of people I have ever dealt with it . Their T&C's are listed under Terms of Service and obvious way to dupe customers. They state they have a reservation fee on the first page but only in the fine print do you find out they will nail you for anything else.

    Do NOT ever use this company. They are predatory in nature. BBB has had 165 complaints in 3 years, with only 41 being resolved. That's a complaint a week !!

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