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I have recently started repaying my Federal student loans, as a result I had to submit tax returns and additional documentation. I first submitted all of the required paperwork by mail in June, 2011 by the deadline they gave me. In July, I received a letter telling me they never received my documentation. I then faxed the information to them in July, 2011. In August, I received another letter stating they did not receive all of my information, so I again faxed AND mailed the information to the office in Texas. As a result of getting my information, they informed me my payment would go from $167 to $777 due to my joint filing of taxes with my husband. My husband also has a significant amount of debt with Direct Loans as well, he actually has more debt than me. So, I called and spoke with a representative and explained that I didn't understand that I sent in the very same information for my husband's account and his payment was the calculated to be $224/mo and how could mine be $777 when I have less debt and only make $3000 more than him a year. At that point, the representative told me that they would link my husband's account and my account together to show our joint debt owed to Direct Loans and that would mean that my payment would be $320 and my husband's would be $480 a month. The representative said she would put both of our accounts on forbearance until this was all confirmed. This was in August, 2011. Yesterday, September 22nd, 2011, my husband received a letter from Direct Loans stating that his payment will be $470/mo. I then went online to check my payment amount, it said my payment was now $666/mo. Again, this made no sense to me so I called today (September 23rd, 2011) and spoke with a new representative Ashley, she told me that they had no record of my husband having any debt with them and that the $666/mo payment was correct. I then explained to her my last conversation with a representative at Direct Loans and she said that that woman did not submit the correct information into my account, yet she did for my husband's account. So, it was all set with my husband's account but nothing was recorded on mine. So, Ashley said she has to now submit the information to the correct department to get my payment corrected. I am now on another month's forbearance for Direct Loans to figure out what they did wrong. This all started in May 2011 with me submitting the correct information initially, but Direct Loans misplacing it and now we are entering October 2011 after 3 faxes, 2 mailings and at least 7 calls and still nothing is correct with my account. I am now 6 months pregnant and have been stressed out solely due to Direct Loans for my entire pregnancy. How is it that I have done everything requested of me and yet no one seems to be able to do their job correctly at Direct Loans.

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      Dec 16, 2011

    I had had very similar experience with them! I am now waiting 4 months for them to process paperwork. They cant tell me when this will get done, or why is it taking so long. I am stuck paying a higher amount, since I dont want to forbear as I am a public servant and want the month's credit towards my 10 years of credit. However, this is ridiculous. They have never contacted me, I call them to sort this out. They debited my account twice last month too, almost sending me underwater on my account. No explanation why this happened, either. I just want to pay the correct amount!

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