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US Buildings is a crooked outfit that fails to live up to their end of contracts and then unlawfully retains deposits unless you sue them. I ordered a building from them a few years ago; and I still haven't gotten my deposit back despite several phone calls to their Boone, NC office, certified letters, and a formal complaint process with the NC Attorney General's Office. I ordered a building from these crooks - same as many other commenters have described: "We have a few "unclaimed' buildings that we're selling really cheap, just to get them out of our way." Total B.S. as they practically admitted to me themselves (I'll explain in a second). So, we arrange to have the building parts delivered to my property after the salesman himself physically walked around my property and stated that there would be no problem delivering the building. On the scheduled delivery date, some truck driver calls me and tells me that he will not drive into the city limits (where my property was located) and that I needed to get a truck and meet him at a rest area on the interstate (I95), transload the entire building from his truck, and then drive it to my property myself. Obviously, I had a little problem with that and he said he would just take my building back to Boone, NC. After repeated complaints, US Buildings did finally say that they would deliver the building to my property and help me unload it, but by then - over a year later - I was in the process of taking a new job in another state and didn't need the building at all. US Buildings in NC has been unlawfully holding onto my deposit (THEY breached the contract by failing to deliver at the specified time and place) since that time - about 3 years ago. Their office is in Boone, NC - the middle of nowhere - and there are very few attorneys in that area. However, there is one fellow there who may be able to help you; I'll be using him to file a law suit against US Buildings. I encourage everyone who has commented here to do the same. SUE US Buildings. Or, contact me @ [protected] ; maybe we can all get together and file a class action suit against these crooks to put them out of business for good.

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  • Mi
      Aug 27, 2010

    US Buildings in Boone, NC told me that they could not return my deposit because they "had already ordered the metal" for my building. But, the ad that I responded to, and the building that the salesman said he was selling me at a big discount, was supposedly an "unclaimed" building. If it was an unclaimed building, then US Buildings already HAD the materials. . . and they had not "already ordered" them. They will try to keep your deposit no matter how badly they breach their own sales contract or otherwise fail to live up to their hype. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH US BUILDINGS!!!

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  • Mi
      Aug 28, 2010

    Well, I know this isn't conclusive proof that I'm not a complete idiot, but I did make it to law school; I'd say I can read as well as the next guy - maybe a bit better, and I'd also say that the terms that were violated were pretty clear.

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  • Bc
      Dec 13, 2010
    u.s buildings - bait and switch
    Deerfield Beach
    United States

    they are rip offs.we need to get together and fight back

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  • Gu
      Apr 29, 2011

    So sorry to hear about your conflict with the US Buildings. I did not buy a building or materials from them (thank goodness) but I am having hard time getting them to get me off of their phone list. They kept bothering me every week and I can't stand it anymore, even when all the reps. said they will take my name and phone off of their damn list. They need to get their ### and system together or they will regret it big time. And no, you are not an idiot, they are!

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  • Rt
      Aug 13, 2011

    They sent me the 30 x 30 building i ordered and tricked me into signing a contract with a horizonal roof, that leaks like a sift.Roofer dont even use the term horizonal, all roofs on afull sized building is vertical, rain running off both sides not the ends.They sent me instructions for a verticle roof only, like i shoulda got.They still cant provide me with any instructions for this bs all for a class action law me if intersted in this suit, [protected]

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  • Ha
      Nov 12, 2011

    I am a contractor about 30miles from Boone, NC (Hickory, NC) and anyone I know here never heard of USA out fo Boone. However, I have recently been gettign calsl from them to tour their facilty and even become associated to some display building they want to place in my location... Boone is an expensive mountain town for retired wealthier people, has Appalachian State College their and a small ski resort... That is all we know it to be here. SO I am curious reading these complaints and now hearing from these people, that I will take trip their in few days to see if they really exist or if it is some elaborate scheme being played wit a fake commercial address, etc..

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  • Mi
      Nov 13, 2011

    The attorney I contacted in Boone NC is Daniel Klinedinst. Seemed like a straight-shooter. I haven't been in touch with him for quite some time, but he was willing to take my case to small claims court in whatever county Boone is in.

    Steve - I don't think this is any kind of major facility that they're inviting you to tour. Probably a metal building tucked away on a lot somewhere with a small office in it. Don't be surprised if you don't see any actual metal lying around as it seems like their primary business is getting a deposit and then not delivering the goods. Their attorney of record is in Charlotte. The main company, from what I've read, is owned by some crook in Florida.

    There is a page on here somewhere by a woman in NY who is trying to organize a class action suit. I'll try to post the link to her page/complaint. If you don't see it, just do a search. I've had SEVERAL e-mails about U.S. Buildings - ALL NEGATIVE - taking people's money since I posted this complaint.

    They're CROOKS! Stay away!

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  • Ju
      Mar 07, 2012
    US Buildings - JUSTICE FOR ALL
    United States


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  • Di
      Jun 05, 2012

    I signed for a building 4 weeks ago for a specific $ amount of which I was to make a 25% deposit. They charged 33% to my Credit card company. In the meanwhile I have been calling over and over with no call backs any have yet to receive any building plans that were promised to be received within a week of signing the contract. I am now having to take freudulant steps with both the better business bureau and my credit card company.
    The kicker is that I have already purchased one building from them 4 years ago and all was great - no complaints at all.

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  • Di
      Oct 11, 2012

    I Received the same treatment as most complaints i read, i call us buildings after looking into the BBB for good companies for steel buildings, and i called u.s. buildings to ask a few questions, about there buildings but upon getting on the phone with the operator i was rushed into a conversation about the company giving me a big discount for letting them use the building i was to purchase for a demo in my area, and was asked to set up a appointment soon to receive the discount, i was set a appointment for the same day that week. for mr. mark asbner to visit my property site, and discuss the arrangements, i made a decision on a building but was offered another building because the prices were different from the discounts offered on the phone by the representative, so the call was made by mark to his supposed to be boss, or partner to have a heated conversation over the price of the building, that was sitting in there warehouse due to non payment, he was making such a discount for, and after a five min overexposed conversation, the price was set, at the tI'me i agreed and signed a pink piece of paper that was described as a receipt for my deposit, my vision and the lighting was low in the room, i was not made aware of any contracts because it was just a purchase of a building that was already prepared for delivery, they didn't have to do anything but deliver it, and there was no building on there behalf, i was responsible for construction, the date was set for the last week in June for delivery, after receiving the blue prints for the building i seen that the dI'mensions had been cut down, and the gauge of the steel we discussed was different, so i decided that the building was not going to fit my purposes, a called them June 15 to cancel my order, politely with the representative that i had spoke with before, and was transferred to a gentleman that said he would take care of it and get back to me, well a week went by so i called back and was transferred to a very rude ladie that said the gentleman i talked with before, had no authority and that they was not refunding my money and, i would be pursued by all there attorneys for the remainder of the payment, i politely explained that i knew there would be some expenses for them filing the order but nothing had been done on there behalf, it was already in there warehouse and it had not been delivered, so why would they a good company want to keep my deposit of $1800. unless it was a scam? she was rude and unreasonable, so i excused from the conversation, i have not heard from them since, but I'm looking into away to get my deposit back, that's taking food out my kids mouth. F.M. ALEXANDER COUNTY NC

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  • Ev
      Jan 12, 2013

    My daughter "donated" over $13, 000 to U.S. Buildings in Deerfield Beach FL, in July 2012. They apparently have the sheds made and shipped from Boone NC. Yes, their main income is from getting (and often tricking) folks into signing an invoice with their credit card number on it, and then pretending you've signed a "contract". Then they look for an excuse not to ship, and keep your deposit. A Small Claims Advisor told me "all the fraudsters go to Florida" because the State agencies there protect the businesses, not the defrauded consumer. If you've been defrauded by U.S. Buildings, please email me at [protected], and put U.S. Buildings Scam in the subject line. We're gathering a list of people, and will try to get something done to put these crooks out of business.

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  • Bu
      Jan 17, 2013

    I used to delivery these buildings for us buildings and quit hauling for them after almost every customer was ready to lynch me when I arrived because off all the lies US buildings had told them and hit them up for extra money for this and that that was supposed to be included in the original price, was very rude as soon as they got their deposit, would tell me to threaten them to fork over rest of the money, would only take cert. check or money order should be a warning sign right there.hope they get put out of business as they are
    a bunch of scam artists and crooks

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  • Su
      Jul 06, 2013

    I got pressured and suckered into buying one of their buildings, the salesman walked my property and said it was one of the best sites he'd ever seen. He wanted 20% down and i told him that i couldn't afford the building that he was trying to sell me. It's a 25'x30' A Arch building, and it just happened to be on a truck going to another customer if i didn't put my money down right then! I told him i wanted another day to check on materials, concrete, permits and labor! He then said that this was my last chance and to do it now or loose it! So i told him that i couldn't afford it. But he kept pressuring me and like a sucker, i wrote a check! I told him that i would have to borrow the rest if even i could get it! So, i called around and checked on prices and knew for sure that i was in over my head! He said i only had two weeks to pay the full amount. I called back to get my deposit back at the number he gave me on his card and couldn't talk to him, but the guy i talked to said that i would have to pay or they would sue me! I am now trying to sell it, still on the pallet and doing no good for me! If i can sell it to get the note paid off, i will be ever so happy! I pray i never let this happen again! If anyone out there wants a building, i got one! I did get all of the materials, but when you can't afford to set it up and use it, what good is it really! I don't know if it's ok to leave my #, but here it is if you know anyone who wants this building and not get lied to or ripped off! [protected]

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  • Bu
      Jul 07, 2013

    How these people stay in bussiness is beyond me, they have a building in Boone, n.c. where they make these buildings, also have another bussiness in Wilkesboro calle us chemical storage where they make buildings for chemical storage, Owners last names are Soffe

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  • Lm
      Aug 16, 2013

    I don't know how US Buildings conducts business with their customers but I am a former vendor of US Buildings and I can assure all of you that they are a real business. They have a very nice office and manufacturing facility in Boone, NC. I do know that the owner of this Company is well respected in the community, I find it hard to believe that he would conduct his business in the manner described above. If these things are going on, I would suggest that the owner be contacted personally as I have dealt with him for over 18 years and find him to be a honest and well respected business person.

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  • Hi
      Jul 31, 2014

    I bought two buildings from US Buildings in March 2006 to be shipped to and erected in the Bahamas after being told they were a quality product carrying a 35 year warranty. We discussed that they would be in a coastal environment and they said that was fine, their warranty was backed by a 25 year Mill Warranty and they arranged shipping there. By 2013 these buildings virtually melted and dissolved into piles of dangerous rust. I called numerous times trying to discuss their "warranty" and received constant "that person is not in today" and "you need to call so-and-so at another number" and similar - month after month. Never could actually reach anyone to discuss nor ever received a call back. These people clearly are unethical crooks selling a LOUSY quality product!

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  • Pa
      Oct 31, 2015

    Folks, Ive just read all these complaints and they are all TRUE... I know this because I worked there for almost a year and they still owe me thousands of dollars in unpaid commissions. This alone should make me bitter enough to right a bad review. But the true is, that has nothing to do with it. But maybe it does have something to do with me going on here to TELL THE REAL STORY of their sales approach.
    They tell prospective customers that they have an inventory of previously manufactured building that they can sell at huge savings if they act now. If they don't buy NOW, it will be on it's way to a farm auction in Kentucky, or Michigan... All lies.. There are no farm auctions that they are sending them too. And they are not sitting on any trucks..
    The sales manager, Al, had a host of lies that he wanted me to use to pressure the customer to buy these buildings, and as a last resort he would get on the phone and pressure them into buying a building. And if they still didnt want to buy at that moment, he would insult them personally and actually get me thrown out of their homes..
    Their buildings are no better than any other manufacturer. And yes, they do actually have a manufacture facility. That part is true.
    I also made the mistake of giving some of the customer's my personal cell number. Well I received repeated calls from customers about why they havent received their building yet. Or complaints about how the building was built very poorly and leaked.
    What really is a shame is that the owner is actually a native of the area and had built the business from ground up. But it has since gotten away from him and his "managers" are destroying their reputation.
    My recommendation is to shop around. Do not be pressured into buying on the spot. The stories they tell are just that. Stories.
    I personally am an expert on metal buildings now (not rocket science) and would not deal with US Steel Buildings or any of it subsidiaries.

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