UPS United Parcel Service / driver with a "I don't care attitude" supported by ups

Jo Dec 31, 2015

This is not the first time this has happened. Recently UPS changed drivers in my area. The new driver, young, male, and very poor attitude, has basically decided to deliver "when he want's ." Twice in the last two months I have packages not delivered. Most were Amazon Prime 2nd day delivery. A service that I pay for to get prompt delivery. This UPS driver comes to my area late in the day when he shows at all. If there is a holiday anywhere near or the weekend, packages stay on the truck and he will post a message that the package delivery was attempted. As we have security cameras (24) and they track every vehicle that passes our property in all directions, we have video of the UPS driver going right past our home, NOT STOPPING, and continuing on his way. When this video was offered to UPS, they did nothing. The local UPS distribution center "receptionist" makes excuses and covers for the driver like he could be her boyfriend or brother. Betting odds it's one or the other. To date, UPS does nothing and makes excuses. Now they want me to drive 50 miles round trip to pick up 5 packages that I have paid UPS to deliver. Included in these packages is my monthly medication as I have arthritic knees that basically leave me crippled to the point of not being able to drive. UPS could care less about me or any customer. What a horrid company with a terrible attitude toward service and driver responsibility...

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