UPS / codes violated

2355 Field Street, Odessa, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 432-550-7185

At mentioned location 2355 Field Street, Odessa, TX, the warehouse supervisor has a habit about being in everyone's business. The said supervisor at this facility feels like they have the authority to tamper with the employees mailed checks to the UPS Facility. It never fails to upset us as employees to receive our mailed-in paychecks tampered with. Majority of the time, which is more frequent than it should be the supervisor opens up the mail, takes a look at our paychecks, compares our pay rates, and later on in the day hands it to us, the employee. There was an episode when the said supervisor even expressed dissatisfaction after snooping in an employees paycheck and found out that the employee was paid more in that particular paycheck than them and said the employee did not deserve it, that there was a mistake, hence cut hrs on the employee.

Feb 3, 2015

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