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Universal Gas & Electric / scam

1 2175 old goddardLincoln Park, MI, United States Review updated:

The reason i'm writing this is this company is misleading people by promising lower monthly bills & saying our bill will not go up.Now my monthly bill has gone up a large amount.They also say we have 30 days to cancell,but i didn't recieve my first bill through them for about three months.After i realized what happened it's to late.Now i'm forced to pay a $250 dollars to get out of this contract. That's Wrong. Plus i called to get out of the contract and was told i have to write a letter and explain way i'm leaving and send the $ 250 check or money order. I don't fell comfortable sending them $250 dollars and then them not cancelling or saying they didn't get the money.

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  • Ga
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Hello Bryan,

    My name is Garry. I live in Flint, MI and was scammed by this company as well. I want you to know that I was released from the contract without paying the $250. If you would like more information about what I said to them (which was only slight legal terminology) please feel free to e-mail me at:

    I would be happy to e-mail or speak with you over the phone. I know how hard it's been paying astronomical electric bills over the winter and just want to help hard-working consumers like myself. I am also in the process of filing a class-action lawsuit: My lawyer's name is Paul Vance, he works out of Flint, MI.

    Thank-you and Good Luck!

  • Ja
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    O.K. so I have worked for this company for about a week. The people I have ran into at doors who PAY ATTENTION to thier bills every month and LISTEN to what the agent says and READ what the packet they are given says they would know that they NEED to pay attention each month.

    The agent (if legitimate) will explain that if you find that you are paying more with the program than you would be with the regular billing you CALL the NUMBER provided and they will adjust it.

    Long story short the people who look at what they pay and listened are very happy withthier service. The ones who dont arent.


    What this company does is allow emplloyees to climb the ladder fast in hopes that they can send them to other branches or NEW branches to run them. In the case of the GRAND RAPIDS, DETROIT, And everything in between HESPERIA and LUDINGTON areas. They promoted some guy to run this western office. HE HOWEVER LIED and also TRAINED his AGENTS TO LIE! If you live in any of these areas and were told that you would be paying .33 cents or were over the age of seventy and were allowed to sign up at your door, or even if you werent explained everything I just told you ODDS ARE YOU MET THIS GROUP.... They claim the employees were terminated by the main office, and that the man in charge is no longer allowed to work in this state any longer.


    As I said if you are responsible and saved the packet and pay attention to your bills youll be happy and fine! HOWEVER...They treat thier employees like dog crap!

    I respondedto an ad in the local paper. There are no jobs in this area and the add stated I could make up to twenty five dollars an hour OR MORE! The office I went to was all the way in Saginaw. I live right around an hour and a half from there. To apply I had to drive there. I did and after the "speed dating" interview process of a room full of eleven people they ask if you are willing to work six days a wekk..Coming from an area with no jobs and now having a possible fall in your lap you more than likely will say yes. I did. Then they say "Well thanks for your time you will recieve a call by this evening if you get the job." Then they take you out in to the hall copy your I.D. and SSN and ask you to look at the photos on the wall. Photos of random people holding 900 dollar puls checks.

    You leave after also being told this would be the last time you should have to drive all the way back for anything. I got the call that I was hired. However I was to AGAIN drive all the way back to Saginaw for training. Training took maybey two hours they explain that in your training process you make 1 hundred dollars your first week plus any aplications you get you will be paid 35 dollars for. They claim that you should get an ap an hour. Then week two two hundred and ap pay as the weeks tick to week five the hundres go up till week five where you make five hundred a week plus ap pay. As you can imagine your eyes get big with possibilities.

    Then as My co- worker and I left our training his was two days before mine, they say we are looking at you for manager. Apparently according to my co- worker the two managers in this area spilled lots of beans to him then quit that day because a six hundred dollar check wasnt enough for him. Then they sent up two different people on two different days. The first day was day one of training. Litterally entered a town, the two the other trainee and myself head into town with the manager guy. He takes each of us to 1 door and goes up with us. We both stumbled through the pitch and sucked. He then asked "alright ready for the next door?" I said I wasnt sure he said "youll be ok." That was the extent of our training.

    According to thier policy we are to meet at nine am and practice for an hour. We only did that our first day. As the days rolled by my co-worker and I picked up on double talk. "Dont go to a town if it had just been visited within the past two weeks." Then once two managers had worked in the area and realized the towns are small and had been hit alot it was "Hit the town anyway".

    At that point my co worker devulged that he managers that quit had told him that if we missed a day in our "training period" we get docked twenty dollars of our pay so in your 1st week thats 80 bucks plus whatever deals or aps you wrote. We both had pre existing appointments that week and each missed a day.

    Long story short I have spent around 250 dollars on gas alone driving all over the state. Ran into the territories where the branch that was lying to folks hit and made hardly any money. Today I drove over 200 miles with my only car (the family car) and come to find out no manager (the person who would bring me my check) will be up tomorrow which means I spent the last week ragging on my car and blowing gas money like it was water and will get no check till who knows when!!!!!!

    On top of all that the story the managers that my co worker spoke to may have possibly lied. I was told just tonight that "Because I missed a day it reset mytraining week" this could mean 1 of things.
    1. I just blew almost three hundred dollars to make THEM five deals and not only lost the one hundred dollars for the first week but possibly all the money from the deals because I am not "trained".

    2. I just lost the hundred.

    3. Because I missed ONE day and despite the fact that I was the only one of three people two of which were managers who made ANY deal at all except for ONE that the FIrst manager got the ONe day he was up here I will only make 100 dollars in week two plus any deals I write. Either way I just got screwed.

    So they really rape thier employees worse than customers. They just leave it up to you to keep track of your bill and probably cross thier fingers you dont!

  • Ga
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    Jalex -

    I don't buy what you have to say. Specifically this:

    "The people I have ran into at doors who PAY ATTENTION to thier bills every month and LISTEN to what the agent says and READ what the packet they are given says they would know that they NEED to pay attention each month. "

    See, the thing is, no one knows what a CCF is. Universal preys off the fact that no one knows the technical aspects of their Consumers bills, and everyone is trying to save money with the price of everything going up left and right.

    Also, I don't believe what you said about the agents lying being isolated into one region. Search the internet, you'll see people from all over the state that have been scammed.

    Not to mention the shady practices of the main office. I have called the office several times and they are very rude. I called the office on a Friday once, asking for a supervisor and "Nobe" told me that there was no one there, and that she could "put me on hold until Monday".

    Also, you have to fight and argue just to get them to listen to you. They are rude, they interupt you, and lie.

    This is, simply put, a door-to-door scam. Why would anyone pay double the rate for energy? If you look online at Consumers price of energy per CCF over the past, i don't know, 10 years, you'll see that it has rarely risen over $1.00 per CCF. It would probably take nuclear warefare to make it rise over (and stay over) 1.049/CCF.

    Also, why would the salesperson tell the truth when it's in their intrest to "make a sale" and get you to sign the contract. I briefly worked for a door-to-door scam company before I realized that it was a scam and quit. They're all the same, judging by what you said above. They promise big bucks and owning your own business. Then, they send you out on the road where you have to pay for all your expenses and you have to fight for your check.

    I would like to end with this thought: you think the salespeople are the ones being scammed? It has cost me well over $1000 more in energy costs over the last 6 months because of Universal. My bill for February ALONE was $804.83. Does that sound reasonable to you? Not to mention that if I had to pay the early termination fee, it would have been an extra $250 on top of that!!!

  • Bi
      16th of Mar, 2008
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    Ya, this ### comes from Toronto, Canada. This is where I live they are scaming eveyone here and I am on a crusade to stop them. My site here is

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