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United Steel Buildings / very rude bunch of folks,

1 Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

was ordering a steel building and was offered a deal that seemed to good to be true, and a friend found many complaints about United Steel Buildings so he sent me the links to this site and others. I was offered what most places were selling for about $12K for $6500, they said some one had ordered it and then canceled the order. Then they said I would really be helping them out if I could take the 30X32 building rather then the 30X30 I was going to order. Once I found the list of complaints I emailed them to Mike my sales person, who responded that they were all put up by one unhappy customer, once I read all of the complaints and sent Mike a second link to these complaints the response was that their competitor was filing complaints and they they have thousands of satisfied customers. So not believing every thing I read, I asked if Mike would send a list of references in Georgia where I am located, copied below is their response:
Just got a response from his manager. We are not interested in doing
business with you. The last thing we need is another quack from Georgia.

Mike Sparks
United Steel Building, Inc.
Phone: (888) 448.6963
Fax: (954) 957.9352
I think, best case is that these folks are pretty inept at dealing with customers and probably at designing buildings as well, and the lack of a reference tells me they probably don't have many satisfied clients and I can guess some of them are in Georgia. The other concern about the management of this company is that they seem to have a prejudice for people in Georgia, and I am guessing every state they have ripped people off in, what's worse is that this poor manager does not know I am from Miami, FL. My final word, these guys are not the sharpest tools in the shed, and i would not want to stand in a building they have any thing to do with, with some luck they have not killed anything but their own business.

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