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United Reader Services or USA Collections / Harassing telephone calls!

1 PA, United States Review updated:

United Readers call claiming that money is owed on a magazine subscription. I have NO subscriptions to ANY magazines. They threaten to send me to collections, 2 weeks later USA COLLECTIONS calls and says I owe money, when I tell them that I have no magazine subscriptions they say they will have to look into it. When I ask telemarketer "Mark" on the other end of the phone his telephone number he hangs up.

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  • Da
      7th of May, 2008
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    On May 7th a guy who identified himself as Donald Hansen called my home phone number several times. My spouse told him to call me after 7pm. I spoke with him at 8:45pm and he said he was calling from U.S. Collections in Messina, New York, about a magazine or book order that I had placed back in 2004 and then didn't pay for from a company called United Reader Services. He said I owed $647.72 on contract number 912847, which includes interest. When I asked exactly what I purchased, he said it was for a magazine subscription or for religious or adult literature.

    When I asked for the phone number for his company he repeatedly told me that I would get that after I initiated payment.

    Obviously this is a scam and I hope someone finds a way to contact these jerks.

  • An
      9th of May, 2008
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    We just received the same call from Don Hanson from U.S. Collections about a 847.72 Debt from a magazine subscription. The case number was the same as the above (912847)

    They did not have a social security number, but still threatened to place this on my wife's credit report. When I asked for a phone number, they gave me one.

    It turned out to be for an Adult Line

    Verizon traced the call, and we will be filing a police report

  • Jh
      9th of May, 2008
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    I just received a call from James Comer at US Collections Agency stating that we owed United Reader Services $747.72-funny how the amounts are all similar. I was not given a contract number. He would not give me his phone number or the number of United Reader unless I paid him a fee, and then he would have someone get back to me. I have never ordered magazines from this company and I plan on fighting this. I saw we all have reason for filing a lawsuit against United. Let's attack them like they are attacking us.

  • Mi
      13th of May, 2008
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    We received a call from "David Wilkins" of United Reader Services. Just like the others, he stated that we owed $647.72 for a subscription we verbally agreed to in 2004. He stated that they would turn us over to collections if we didn't pay. When asked for his phone number, he stated that he could not give it out until after we made a payment. When asked what magazine we subscribed to, he said his agency didn't have that information. He was verbally abusive to my wife and I hope that somebody catches up with these ###s.

  • Na
      14th of May, 2008
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    Same story as above, but said his name was David Wilson from U.S. Collections, trying to collect from United Readers Service / United Reader Services. Said we owed $647 but was willing to settle for $499. How nice of them to do that, considering I don't havent received any magazine subscriptions since 2004. He was belligerent, implied that I was gay, called my brother a "f-ggot", threatened to go to court and that this would ruin my credit, that I would be blacklisted, etc. I told him I would gladly welcome the chance to go to court to resolve this, since I NEVER ORDERED ANY STUPID MAGAZINES AND DONT OWE THEM ANYTHING. What a huge scam!

    I have contacted my state's consumer protection agency but will probably also be filing complaints with the FTC and FCC.

  • B
      14th of May, 2008
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    Wow same phone call from James Comer! Gooogled United Readers Complaints and this website and thread was the very first entry!

    "James Comer" called for my wife on 5-14-08 claiming to represent US Collections on behalf of United Readers. Said we owed $647.72 for magazines purchased in 2004. Claim number 912847. Looks like "James" or "David" has been busy. Of course we never bought any magazines from United Readers or anyone else in 2004. And yes he offered to settled the account for $499.95 (2 payments of $250 each). When my wife refused to give him any financial information he said the only alternative was for the matter to be sent to their legal department.

    After seeing the other posts in this thread it seems obvious that this is a scam. I also plan on filling the proper complaints but it is probably difficult to find / track this type of person. I will contact my phone company to see if it's possible for them to trace the number he called from.

  • Ri
      19th of May, 2008
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    Much the same as reported above; my wife got a call from someone claiming to represent United Reader Service about a month ago. The caller insisted we owed more than $700 for magazine subscriptions and said our credit rating would suffer if we did not pay. The caller was rude and threatening.

    I actually emailed United Reader Service to confirm that they did not list me as having ever been a customer and did not have a record of any outstanding debt. The email I received from them said this is likely a scam. I also reported the caller to the Attorney General's Office in my state.

    About 3 1/2 weeks later I received a call from 'Robert Johnson' stating that we owed more than $700 but they would settle for $499. I asked 'Robert' a lot of questions and he said he was calling from Masena, NY, but, oddly, he did not know the local zip code. 'Robert' said the only way to resolve the situation without my credit rating taking a hit was to agree to pay. I asked him to give me an address to send the money to, but, he insisted the only way to pay was for him to transfer me to their collection line where they would accept a credit card number. I finally agreed, just to see what would happen, and he refused to connect me; he said I didn't sound sincere about paying the bill (at least he got that part right).

    He finally gave up on me and said he would have his supervisor call me back in 5 minutes; of course another call never came.

  • Sa
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    I just got my 4 month call from United Readers Services about magazines "ordered" in March 2004. How come they use the same date and similar amounts? How do we stop these calls?

  • Yo
      2nd of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    united readers service is like most telemarketing companies with 1 difference they do verbal and written contracts. As a customer for years i know this much...sales persons can be pushy its their job. But every rep or collection persons i have talked to were informative and upon request can answer any questions reguarding an account. If you have no account with them they will let you know and always give a customer service number. Chances are you accepted a magazine deal over the phone and didnt listen to the recording and or discarded the conformation letter with cancelation on it. There are a few companies with simular names. Ask for proof. united readers service will provide you with the written or verbal contract if any. If not it's another company. Tell all telemarketers to put you on the do not call list. Dont believe me call United readers service at 1800 860 3623 i recommend talking to stacie or brenda. They are the supervisors and are polite and professional. By the way i have had a few issues but i love magazines wouldnt go anywhere else.

  • Ni
      9th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    they got me with this scam, i was fighting in Baghdad, iraq for a year and came back and partied alot. they called me when i was lackin sleep/hungover and persuaded me to get these stupid magazines. i asked if i could cancel and she gave me a number 1800 3xx- TALK and it was some sex hotline lol. and i couldnt find the number until they sent a bill. and the rep was a major ###. and now i have a $135 dollar bill collection threats, people with blocked number call me and dont say anything. its so gay. im not paying these queers.

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    I just received a call from this particular company, and attempted to make it clear that I did not want their products. They offerred all kinds of free stuff, but I declined it. Am I going to get this kind of harassment just because someone sold them my name?

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    by the way, "youknowiloveit" posted the incorrect phone number. That is the phone number for a securities company and they have received countless calls from people thinking that they are calling to get a hold of United Readers Service. I suspect "youknowiloveit" is probably paid by URS to post on these boards...

  • Ba
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    I stupidly agreed last night to get "5free" magazines, if I bought 1 subscription. After thinking about it, I called the number they gave me, 1 800 894 5429 and usually everyone has 3 day rescinding period, so when I called, I used that info and spoke with a Ben Sarris and he said ok, I was canceled. I asked if I would be receiving any kind of notification of cancellation, and he said no, since it hadn't been processed yet. I am calling my credit card co., and making sure that no purchases have been added and also to alert them that under no circumstances to pay United Reader anything! I will wait and hope that no charges appear, and no further correspondence comes from them, except a cancellation notice. Wish me luck! I think I might need it.

  • Re
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    One real phone number for United Readers Services is 1-724-745-3282. This number worked today but I suspect that these crooks have many more numbers and they try to stay hidden. I am fighting them now over fraudulent subscriptions and illegally taking money from my account without permission. They threatened to sue. I'm looking forward to it. Wish me luck.

  • Mo
      7th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    They called us and told us we owed for 4 magazines. We don't even get any magazines.
    the number they gave us to call back was 1800 860 7323. Then they gave us the address attached to our name and it wasn't the same as ours. When I told them I had read online that they regularly harrassed people I was going to report them for phone harrassment, they said maybe they had made a mistake.

  • Jg
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    I have the same issue, I thought I was getting free magezines wich I never got until AFTER they started sending me bills, I am a student with no job or money and when I tried to cancel the very VERY rude woman on the other line just made me listen to the recording of me agreeing to everything. It was before the 72 hour cancellation period but they still send me bills and call me. They are wicked rude. now they have sent me a letter saying they want 900 bucks (that I don't have) because of my "rogue account" I have cancelled my credit cards and really dont want them to sue me or anything because I can't afford it. Can they sue me for not paying. I did try to cancel and they refused. They won't go away...I'm about to change my phone number and declare that i'm dead just so they will go away!

  • Tc
      4th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had the same issues and have filed 2 complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. Make sure you file too so that we can get these people stopped. They are the worst scammers!

  • Ot
      4th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    12-04-09: Just got my 2nd call this week. They also harrassed me about 3 years ago. I kept asking for supervisor's numbers, return call numbers, if I could tape our conversation because I have a bad mempry...hee hee - have some fun...

  • Sa
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I have been getting phone calls from USA Collection Agency for about 3 weeks. They told me that I owe United Reader Services $1500 for unpaid magazine subscriptions from 2006. They told me they were willing to settle for $499. I told them that I could not pay because i was unemployed, I then asked if they could send me a bill or invoice and I will try to see if I could scrounge up the cash. They said I could only pay over the phone. I said no. They told me that the next thing I would be receiving in the mail would be a subpoena to appear in small claims court.

    I hung up and looked up United Reader Services. I called the customer service (888-369-7323). They told me they had no record of me or any of my home phone numbers. I told them about USA Collection Agency and they said they have gotten several other complaints about that company. They also said that they have no relationship with that company and that I should ignore those phone calls.

    I have gone to and filed a complaint against USA Collection Agency, unfortunately I did not get any of their info like address or phone number.

    If you get a call from USA Collection Agency you should definitely file a complaint to the FTC and your State Attorney General. But first try to get their company info like address and phone number.

  • Sn
      21st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also have been receiveing harrassing phone calls from USA Collections. I was origanaly contacted on thanksgiving saying i owed 2, 600.oo Dollars to United Readers Services however if i paid 499.00 Dollars my debit would be called even and i would also recieve 100.00 as a senior discoount reguardless of my age. when I told them i was unemployed and couldn't do it right that day they told me they would call me back on dec 10th so i could make the Payment. I then recived a call a few days before the 10th by another person from USA COLLECTIONS. when i said i was told i could make it on Dec 10 they said no problem they would call me back. This whole situation didn't seem right to me. So i went on the internet and looked up United Readers Services and got a phone number and Called. The Cunstomer service person asked ame a couple questions and looked up my phone numbers i had had in the past and said they had no record of me and they have problems with USA Collections and i didn't owe them money and they where sorry.
    Dec 10th Came and the origanal women from USA collections Called me again. When i said i had contacted the company and they have no record of me and told me it was a scam she got very beligerant and Harrasing telling me i was a loser who refused to pay my bills. I should be ashamed of myself, I'm afraid to say i stooped to her level and started yelling and hung up on her. I again called United Readers Services talked to a customer service person was very nice looked up the number that USA collections was calling me on and again told me i had no debt with them. I asked the Women if it was true that once they sent a person to collection that they no longer keep any record of the person and she told me no absolutly not we know every one that owes us money. The Women that i spoke with Asked me to please report them to the better business bureau. To day I again heard from USA COLLECTIONS and when i told the man on the phone that i had spoke to a women at his company and that i spoke to a person from United Readers Services he proceeded to start yelling that i was a Liar repeatedly untill i hung up on him.

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