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I got calls from this company, as did my friends in reference to me. They used the name Kim Moore and Kelly Johnson, saying they were collecting on a payday loan and that my case would be downloaded today if I didn't send them money via western union in 3 hours. They said that I would be arrested and face all kinds of federal charges, unless I cleaed this debt today. I didn't send them any money, as I thought that they ere a scam. I mean, with 4 different phone numbers, and then Very american names for people with very heavy accents, it just didn't add up to me. I did some research on here and I believe that they are a scam, and I hope that they are caught for it. I sure was scared that I was going to be arrested. They wanted the name of my attorney and they even told my friends that if they didn't return the call, on my behalf, that they too would be arrested and charged. I hope they get caught.

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  • La
      Dec 08, 2008

    you cannot be arrested for debt! and no legal collection attempt can just demand money without validating the debt



    They are a bunch of hackers that stole info from a payday website and now are making illegal collection calls trying to scare you into paying what you do not owe.

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  • Br
      Jul 22, 2009

    I have been getting these calls, too, however I'm not scared. I have told them not to contact me and that I have reported them to the FTC and FBI, and state AG, which I have (except the FBI referred my complaint to the FTC). They continue to call every couple of days, even when I hang up on them. They are total idiots. I just hope they don't decide to use my Social Security number for something. I have denied that it is my Social Security number when they repeat it to me. What idiots! Using these plain old English names when they are clearly Arabian or Pakistani or some country over there, anyway.

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  • Li
      Nov 04, 2009

    I too got calls. They used the name Mark Walls. I am on disabililty and never took a pay day loan. The guy calls me repeatedly and leaves nasty messages.

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  • Wo
      Sep 01, 2010

    i got the same calls what should i do about this.???

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  • Me
      Sep 10, 2010

    I have been getting these same calls from Bob Harris and "Sam". They are very pushy and will call every 5 mins if you don't answer your phone. They are now calling me at work. They said my debt is from 4-2009 and I have never had a payday loan. I verified my bank records from this time line to ensure that there was no money depsoiting in my account around this time and of course there was not. So what did you guys do to get them to stop bothering you? I have been very rude and they still call and say if I don't resolve this that I will be picked up by the police at work.

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  • 1b
      Sep 13, 2010

    I just received a threatening phone call from a "Marcus Fuller" telling me that I had a payday loan out that was in collections and that they were suing me and that people were going to show up at my apartment in the next couple of days to serve me papers. He couldn't tell me the exact date that I had supposedly taken out this payday loan only that it had gone to collections december of 2009. He used the name of pay cash one as the online payday loan company which I have researched and it doesn't exist. His phone number that he gave to me was [protected] which I tried calling back to let him know that I would have military lawyers showing up soon and I was hung up on twice. I also looked back in my records at my bank and there is definitally no record of any payday loan coming through. He used my husband's name and told me that I had put it down as a reference and was able to verify the last 4 of my social. He also was able to verify my current address. The phone numbner that he called me from is [protected] which is a Sacramento, CA phone number. These [censor]s are total scam artists and with his heavy [censor] accent there is not a chance in hell his name is Marcus Fuller. Don't listen to a thing they have to say!!!

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  • Pa
      Nov 08, 2010

    This is happing to me also. He has found a way to hack the phone system also. Be ware he will not quit... We are all going to have to get the police involved to get him caught. I am filling charges, and I am going to work on getting him arrested. He is a scam artist. Record the calls get local police involved to hear the messages, fill online fraud charges with your state. Good luck... I am hoping they find this guy and take care of him forever...
    Here are some new names he is using: Eric Wilson, James Robinson. they are using the Company Name: PayCashNet ( Pay day loan Place), and they are saying they work for: United Law Services...

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  • Ta
      Nov 12, 2010

    I have gotten the same phone calls at my work over the past few months. They are giving different names and different phone numbers. They are stating that the local police were gonna be at my door to arrest me. Of course no one ever showed up. As soon as I asked them to send or fax me the actual paperwork of the money I supposedly owe them, they would change the subject. The last time they called I told them I have a filed a complaint with the local authorities about this, they hung up. I need to stop them from calling my work...I don't know how to go about this.

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  • Gw
      Nov 29, 2010

    I went online to check out payday loans, did not agree to any. All of a sudden two deposits were made to my account and deductions are being taken out every two weeks for these. Both these companies are Geneva Roth companies. Then Friday, I received a call from David Miller, United Law Services, stating I owed a debt from 04/09. He had my most recent info and stated he got it from the application I filled out in 2009, this is impossible as both address and phone number are new. He had threatened me and has been harrassing me, calling back, leaving nasty messages and threats. I contacted the AG, they referred me to the office of Consumer Credit Commission, they referred me to my local legal services and suggested that I file with the FBI. The FBI gave me an internet fraud hotline to file a complaint. It is If we all file, maybe something will be done.

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  • An
      Dec 17, 2010

    This has also happened to me, the first time was last year they threatened federal charges, scared to death I checked my bank records to see if this was real, and of course there was no record of a payday loan to anyone, so they called again today, but they called my mother threatening her, so of course she calls me and thinks this crap is for-real, it took me twenty minutes to calm her down and convince her that they are a scam. I am calling our attorney general to see if something can be done. They have to be stopped. I called and threatened them and in turn they cussed me out, isn’t that ironic

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  • Yo
      Jan 08, 2011

    i got a call from these [censor]s yesterday. A girl using the american name jessica. Not very american at all however obviously these calls are routed to california via Iraq or some foreign place. I just cussed them out and told them i didn't get any freaking payday loan and not to call me again Thanks for posting this. I will work on reporting them on monday.

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  • Ha
      Feb 04, 2011

    I also have just begun receiving these calls today with the name Scott Peters. It scares me because he has my information down to my social and bank name. How do I go about reporting them?

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  • Gm
      Feb 11, 2011

    Someone i know received a phone call saying their SS number and knew their previous address their current address and drivers license number and even knew their past court cases (these people had a very thick accent). They called offering to file a motion on your behalf and to help with court proceedings, so...the person sent them the money. They received a letter in the mail saying that their case had been taken care of and was signed by the judge that was on the case. Now this person is setting in jail for failure to report to their probation officer!!! What can be done??? Has this happened to anyone else???

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  • La
      Feb 12, 2011

    I agree they have done the same to me and my husband they gve differnt numbers and names they name they use with us is james watson and stating my husband gt loan from paycash1 and tht they will send investigator to his job i think they are also united law firm thats what they told my husband but they told me they were united law service

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  • St
      Feb 15, 2011

    I have been getting the same type of calls regarding this payday loan. I have never taken out a payday loan. After probably 50 calls, the supervisor told me he is coming to my home to get me. Le3t's see if he does.

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  • La
      Feb 15, 2011

    Hey stevenwb please sure to that us know if that happens. the lady from there called my husband job yesterday whn even though she stated she was goin to call me on my cell yesterday. when my husband to her i know all about you people that we have researched you on the internet and to tell james watson that i filed a complaint her response was ohhhh... and then she released the call talk about too funny.we have file a complaint with bbb, complaint board, and the fbi who should do the same.

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  • La
      Feb 15, 2011

    hey stevenwb just thought you should know they never came to our home but they have went to my husband job claiming to be an officer.
    and they some way have access to garnish your check or try it happen to my husband once and he had to let his job know they are a scam

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  • La
      Feb 15, 2011

    hey to Quasarblue lol. are you serious they are from nigeria? i knew they had very foreign accents but they stated to use they are located in roseville ca and they didnt tell us to use western union when they were trying to scare us into sending them money whn played along to see what see would say when i ask how do i send pmt she said you have bank account wachovia whn i told her that account was closed she then said i have to go to walmart and get walmart debit card i asked why do i have to get a walmart debit i have my own she said because they are the easiest.they want be gettin any money from us..

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  • Sh
      Feb 22, 2011

    I received a phone call that said that I would be arrested if a certain amount of money was not paid in thirty minutes. The debt that they are calling about has already been settled a year ago. Now they are wanting me to pay it again. The company that I had the loan with has told me not to worry about it since I still have my receipts. United Legal Services told me that they were a law firm and could have me arrested, but when I called the company that I had the loan with they told me that they were only a collections agency. How can these people continue to get away with this? Why won't someone help those of us that are being threatened?

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  • Un
      Feb 02, 2012

    One of my relatives received this call, saying that they were trying to get in touch with us on a legal matter, and that some money was owed, and that it was a legal matter, and we were going to be arrested if we don't send them this money. The person name was Datan Alston.

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  • Mu
      Jul 20, 2012

    I have been getting harassing phone calls from a guy who calls himself "Barry Cooper" He said he is calling from United Legal Services on behalf of United Cash Advance to collect on a pay day loan from September 2011. He calls several times a day. Said he is going to call my work and tell my boss. He wants the name of my lawyer otherwise the sheriff will come to my house and i will be sued for 4000.00. I do not have any outstanding loans. I have in the past used pay day loans but I have paid them back. I have never dealt with the company he is referring to. It concerns me that he has my personal information. I told him that he will need to mail me something in writing with a letter head. He refuses saying they have sent me e-mails(I have never seen any). I will not pay a dime. It is a big scam. Word to the wise, Never, Never use pay day loans. You have no idea where your info is going.

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  • Jc
      Mar 13, 2015

    Landlord got a voicemail from "Karen Miller" from "United Legal Services" requesting to verify my info so I could be served to appear in court and left the 888 number. I immediately called back and spoke with a gentleman named "Chris Morrison" who stated he was a case manager for "Keegan Legal Services". These people are unprofessional and use illegal tactics. I called back today asking for the address and actual name of the company and was hung up on 12 times. I guess they don't like it when people constantly call them... TOTAL SCAM

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  • Lo
      Jan 19, 2019

    I have been scamED to by Timothy waters and said I had case # 44646

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