United Healthcarerefusal to treat a patient with acute, disabling, progressive ms

N Jul 25, 2018

Angela "Renee" Harvey is a 51 year old lady with acute, progressive, disabling MS, who cannot work because of her symptoms, which are worsening. and is at risk for quadriplegia. We have ordered routine therapy for such a patient: IV solumedrol 1 gram IV qd for 3 days; followed by an oral Prednisone taper; followed by treatment with a long term MS preventive drug such as Tecfidera. For 2 days we have spoken to at least a dozen employees of United Healthcare, not speaking to a single person who can authorize any of these treatments, or who can tell us who might be able to authorize these treatments, and refusing to allow me to speak to any person able to perform a peer-to peer review; denying that there is any medical director at United Healthcare to whom I may speak. This is malpractice, immoral, and illegal.
Rollin James Hawley, M.D. Neurology Consultant, 2900 Lamb Circle, Suite 350,
Christiasnburg, VA 24073, [protected], FAX -0387, [protected]

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