United Healthcareinsurance

I am a suboxone patient residing in Florida. Ive had UHC for a year and a half now. In November 2016 we called to make our monthly payment and was told I now had to pay in full for the year, which cost over 300$ . Today Jan 9th 2017 at my doctors appointment I was told my insurance wasn't active or valid. When I called I was transferred to a foreign woman who had a horrible connection and was told My coverage no longer even exists in Florida and that I have t payed since Oct. 2016. I informed her that she was mistaken and O had payed 300$ in November to be covered for the rest of 2017. She then got extremely rude with me and argued with me so i got so angry i hung up after telling her we are getting a lawyer. I then had to pay 150$ out of pocket self pay to be seen so that I wouldnt go into withdrawals from not having my medication. I work minimum wage so Now I am completely broke and without insurance. UHC is evil and we are suing!

Jan 09, 2017

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