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United Bank Card / Unauthorized charges

1 PO Box 4006, Clinton NJ 08809Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:

This company was contracted to process our credit cards. They charged us more than the stated rate and sold us $800.00 worth of terminals. After a few months they started charging the account with undocumented charges.
When asked to document they refused. They continued taking money out of the account even after being notified in writing that they were no longer authorized to do so. We had charges showing up as withdrawals on our bank statements but no documentation in their statements. We demanded documentation and it never came. We had to close our commercial account to keep them out of our accounts. We thought we finally got rid of the scam artists when my company gets a call from the collection agency they hired to threaten us with "asset recovery". These guys are committing outright fraud and it is apparently nationwide.

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  • Cr
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    United Bank Card (UBC) services over 100, 000 merchants, as a result UBC takes any customer service compliant regardless of origin seriously. Although the percentage of customer service issues that occur are miniscule when compared to the size of the entire customer base some issues are reported to external entities. United Bank Card will make every attempt to resolve these issues in an amicable fashion.
    If you are having an issue that you would like to handle in a professional and courteous manner please contact me using the contact information below. I am sure I will be able to help resolve any issue that you are having. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at United Bank Card. Unfortunately based on the anonymous nature of the post we are unable to provide a rebuttal or work toward a resolution.

    Chris Rotondi
    United Bank Card
    Director of Support Services


  • Je
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    While I have heard and seen a lot of United Bank Card accusations and bashings (trust, I was about ready to jump on board as well) I actually decided to refrain from the typical internet bashing and slander and dig a little deeper in to the problem and it's possible solutions first, before anything else. I did some research and found indeed that there were multiple sites and complaints against United Bank Card and their "deceptive practives", etc.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised to find an actual representative of their company taking a stand to sort out fact from fiction and who indeed would not just hide behind a company name, but would rather post his direct work e-mail address in which he could assist with disputes directly and his name is Chris Ribordi, Director of Support Services.

    I sent him an e-mail immediately concerning being charged my annual fee before it was due, along with the annual compliance fee before it was also due. To my amazement he replied back within 24 hours and resolved the issued by completely refunding the charges to my account that were deducted in error. That's right...he did the RIGHT THING!

    So before anyone continues on with slandering and bashing this company, why not do a little leg work and a little research to find a solution to your problems while talking in a rational and sensible manner in order to get a solution to your problem instead of resorting to petty "name calling" and empty threats. You always attract more flies with honey than with vinegar...and at the end of the day, United Bank Card employees are, just like you and I, people and they have jobs to do.

    Hutchinson, KS

  • Je
      6th of Feb, 2010
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    Please accept my apologies on the above post error. The gentleman who assisted at United Bank Card is Chris Rotondi, not Ribordi.

    Hutchinson, KS

  • An
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    Yes, Jennifer, you did get the charges reversed. I have been a customer for about a year and every time I notice a bogus charge I call the company and they remove it; however, not everyone pays such careful attention to their account and I believe UBC systematically assesses charges to see what they can get away with and if you don't notice, they win. Now I have been balancing my bank statement and find I was not credited for five charges totaling over $4600 in May. I will contact them to straighten it out. Again, if I were careless, they would win. I am going to discontinue my account because one year of this is enough.I used Nova for five years before this and never had any problems with them.

  • Mn
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    Yes, thanks Jennifer for the information about Chris Rotondi.

    I've been having a big problem with United Bank Card (UBC) and been trying so hard to resolve it but have got no luck. When i found out about Chris Rotondi, i thought i had a hope but it turned out A FICTION. I emailed him and waited for 2 or 3 weeks and emailed again and he said i didn't receive my complaint. OK, that's ok. I resent him the complaint again asking for assistance and guess what? never heard from him again.

    Anyone who would like to do business with UBC, check them out on BBB website. They have some very interesting reports that would help you to make decisions.

    For Chris Rotondi, if you read this, please take things a bit more seriously. "Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at United Bank Card" is another FICTION. You may have no idea how frustrating and stressful it is when you have a issue/complaint that is ignored by the company/whole management.

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