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United American Insurance / Awful everything

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United American Insurance Co. is the biggest scam going. They use dishonest sales personnel, and they are trained that way. Don't let the rebuttals defending the company fool you. The executives and managers are told to monitor this site, and receive ' brownie points' and are promised promotions for writing rebuttals.

The salesman totally misrepresented this policy as Major Medical. Fortunately I did read the contract, and knew exactly what I was buying. The salesman also included these worthless Heartland discount cards, which he said were widely accepted. I could not find one person who accepted these.

The problem lies in that I went to the doctor for a routine check up. This cost over $300.00, in which UA was going to pay $50.00 toward. Again, I knew this was the deal. Months later, I get a letter stating that they will not pay their measly $50.00 because they ' suspect ' it is a pre-exhisting condition.

I am unaware how a routine physical is a pre-exhisting condition. The doctor did nothing other than give me an EKG, and complete physical. Their reasoning is there must have been a pre-exhisting condition for me to go to the doctors, cause my blood pressure was a little high.

So, I pay them $500.00 that month, pay the doctor $260.00, and they don't even want to pay their $50.00. So, my medical so called ' insurance' cost me over $800.00 to have one doctor's visit.

Some insurance, huh? I could have insured myself.

Next problem is rude customer service. The woman on the phone acted as if I was bothering her, and when I pointed out the contract terms, and how they were clearly violating it, she hung up on me because I would not accept her explanation. Is this who you want handling your medical problems?

Needless to say, I canceled and stopped paying immediately. I know insure myself and put my $500.00 per month in the bank as a medical savings account. This works great, considering UA's lousy limits on what they cover, even for operations. I can easily save in about six months, and still be ahead of the game.

No doubt, some ### claiming to be a customer or super great ethical salesperson will write in how they NEVER EVER would misrepresent the policy, and how you must read the policy in full, and they love the company. These people are the managers that are told to monitor and write in.

I proved that they are dishonest and violate their own terms. They then hang up on you when you prove that you are right. Why else would they have so many reports against them? When numerous people say the same thing, it is more than likely true.


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