Unisadepartment of social work

I have a query that's been ongoing since June 2015.I was taken ill on the day my assignment was due and I submitted half an assignment from my hospital bed.I also emailed all lectureres of the department on the same day to request that my circumstances be considered.After chasing, 5 months later I was requested to provide evidence of hospitalization and I did that with no problem.The department have since ignored my emails, the chair of the dept promised to get back to me 3 wks ago after meeting with all lecturers involved and now she even ignores my emails.It has now been 9 months & still no the meantime I have paid full fees for the course.They didn't even send me an answer book for the exam.The invigilator had to provide loose papers for me to write an exam which she had to staple together and send to South Africa from London(my exam centre).The dept just doesn't care, they got their money!I will not rest until I get justice!!!

Mar 14, 2016

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