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Unicorn Financial Services / Unicorn Financial Services

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I too did business with Unicorn Financial Services. I signed up for their o.oo% financing for 12 months for my teeth. I made every payment on time however my last payment which was mailed out the exact same time as all others - Unicorn is saying that they did not recieve it until two weeks after it was mailed. Furthermore their shady customer service reps are rude and did not want to hear me out. Now they are saying I owe a late fee plus back dated interest. I spoke to a supervisor and he said "we researched it and you have to pay us" This company is a load of crap and a huge scam. I have already reported them to the BBB and they will never see a dime from me.

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  • Il
      31st of Dec, 2007
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    I have a horrible complaint against Unicorn Financial Services!!
    On 10/29/07 my account summary was $39.00
    I tried to pay it electronically on line with all my
    other bills. They do not accept payment that way
    so I called at that time and explained that I was
    mailing a check. It would be a few days late since
    I was a single Mom and had just lost my job.
    I was financed $54.48
    In November I called Mr Avenetti in the collections
    dept. to explain my predicament and that I had
    paid all my monthly payments for almost 2 years
    straight on time!! He researched my phone calls
    to Claudine Chavez who was extremely cruel, insulting, harassing, and non relentless and discovered I had called previous times to explain
    I had sent a check and it crossed in the mail.
    I own a home, have a minor child pay two car payments, and insurances etc and have an overhead
    of over $4,000 a month. And for the first time in my
    life thought I might become homeless with my son.
    Mr. Avenetti waivered the finance charge of $54.48
    but not the late fee of $39.00
    My bill at this time became $132.00 which I explained would be paid not in 11/21/07 but within
    a few weeks since I had just started training for a
    new job in West Palm Beach though I live in Weston,
    and they pay bimonthly and I was refinancing my
    home to survive.
    A week before Christmas I was let go of my new job
    and so was my boss whom I worked with previously
    for 5 years at another company.
    I was in the process of a refinance, so I immediately
    started looking for a job. I felt desperate and had
    a car accident that night.
    The title company called all my accounts and got
    the buy off amounts and received the amount of
    $132.00 from Unicorn Financial.
    I received the checks today 12/31/07 which were
    cut 12/27/07 by the Title company.
    This morning Claudine Chavez called me. I have
    had trouble sleeping worrying about finding
    employment (unemployment hasn't arrived yet)
    my Dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer the
    day I was let go, and I am afraid to drive my car
    since the accident.
    Claudine first began to scream at me that it was a
    disgrace for me to be sleeping at 11Am on a Monday
    morning. I tried to explain, all the events. That there
    was no food for my kid, no money for Christmas,
    my Dad was dying and I was trying every day to find
    a job asap. She continued to harass me, call me
    names and scream. I informed her of my conversation with Mr. Avenetti and that I was
    sending the paid in full check from the title company
    today for the entire $132.00. She kept screaming
    at me, never let me talk, bullied me, threatened me,
    and told me my bill was now compounded to $212.00.
    I need to investigate her, and have a call in to my
    two older sons, both high ranking police officers
    and my attorney.
    First, I seem to never ever be able to pay this off!!
    Second, every other company agreed the payoff
    date of 12/27/07 was the amount given to the
    title company of the exact totals on each bill.
    Third, Ms Chavez behavior is not only harassment,
    threatening, frightening and the lowest of unprofessionalism.
    I have worked 25 years straight even up to giving birth 3 times and 2 weeks after. I have a college
    degree, and have been in a customer service position
    all my adult life. Ms. Claudine Chavez and how
    she tortured me, during the worst time of my life
    needs some legal action.
    I truly believe my civil rights as a person was infringed upon.
    The monthly statements need some legal research
    regarding scamming. I have mailed the check
    for $132.00 but am sure that amount is inflated.
    Steve Longo who answered my call today had no
    answers and Mr. Avenetti, in charge of that
    department could not be found, nor has he
    returned my call - so far, today.
    I pray that no other innocent customers have met
    with the wrath of Ms Chavez and Unicorn Financial
    Rip offs. Not only does it seem unjust but pitifully
    wrong to do to society. Can something be done to
    stop this?

  • Il
      31st of Dec, 2007
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    I totally agree that the methods of this company,
    Unicorn Financial need some looking in to,
    and that they seem to be very unethical.
    Is the Better Business Bureau checking into this?
    Ms Claudine Chavez, crossed the line in customer
    relations and her behavior on the job needs to
    be investigated as well.
    And, Mr. Avenetti must be aware as well, if not
    then he is not handling his position approbriately
    since he is the supervisor of collections and Ms.
    Chevez works for him.

  • Da
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    I paid off my 18 month Unicorn dental loan in six months, and they claimed they received the last payment late, saying I owed an additional $54. Now, 18 months later, they have told my credit reporting agency that I owe $262, and have instituted litigation, even though as an attorney, I know that is a complete lie. I have received no communications from them for at least one year.

  • Lm
      25th of Feb, 2008
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  • Te
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I also have had the same experience as the others. I had three accounts with them. I was $20.00 short on my payment and they cancelled the contract on all three accounts and added $1000.00 interest to my account. How could I be late on all three if I was only $20.00 short. I contract BBB but they didn't help me. However, maybe if more people complain then maybe they will do something. I also believe that they post your payment late as I would send in the money on time but it would take them 2 weeks to post. The only time they would post right away is when I would send in the payment as Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I will never use them again or any other place that uses them as a finance credit reference. What a scam they have going. I've used interest fee before with other companys and they never give you a large minimal amount that needed to be paid. You paid what you wanted to and then if you did not pay if off at the end of your contact then your interest was added. I told my doctor's office that I could not afford monthly payments at this time as my husband was not working but I thought okay if I had 18 months I would be able to make it. Well my monthly payments started of at $500.00. I will never go back to that dentist office again.

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