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Unicorn Financial Services

Unicorn Financial Services review: Illegal finance charges!

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This company has figured out how to screw people. They tell you no finance charges as long as you make your payments on time. Then they don't send you a statement hoping you'll not remember on your own and then instead of calling you or contacting you, they go to your references and instruct them to call you. I always paid on time. One month they didn't send a statement, so they didn't get a payment. My original references I used when I opened the account with Unicorn called me to tell me that Unicorn was calling them instructing my references to get in touch with me. Instead of calling my house or my cellphone, they were calling my references! I called them and asked them why they didn't call my house or my cellphone but they refused to discuss it with me unless I gave them my social security number. I immediately paid the bill which was then 20 days late even though I never received an invoice. They then billed me for all the interest I would have owed had I not paid every month on time ... don't use this company, they are vicious. I pay every bill every month on time, never had a problem with anyone until I got involved with this company. And now I find out you can't even pay off the loan without them charging you full interest for the term of the loan. I have also reported them to BBB. Let's hope that someone is watching this piece of crap company.

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