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Ultimate Warranty / None payment

1 SC, United States Review updated:

I am finding out the truth about Ultimate Headache, excuse me Ultimate Warranty. The a/c went out on our truck again! Called UW to get authorization. I was told that the company was in receivership and that I would have to pay for my repairs out of pocket and maybe, get reimbursed. I was able to get a website from the [protected] number I called - Visiting the website, I found out that Director of South Carolina Dept of Insurance [protected]) had filed a suit placing this company in "receivership". This means that the company so messed up their finances that someone else had to step in and save them before they filed bankruptcy. From what I was told is that the company has not been paying anything out for the 6 months that this "receivership" plan has been written. Apr 4, 2008 it was amended, I think, and accepted. It may take another 2-4 months for them to start paying out/reimbursing customers. I know, crazy. I was also told that this is a good sign, because if they had filed bankruptcy, I would not get anything back. I guess this was to make me feel good. I asked about a class action and was told to call my state Attorney General (AG) Office and ask around since so many of us are calling about this company. So I included all info, names and numbers that I have if anyone else wants to call. I am going to google the AG for Texas and ask those questions. Good luck to all.

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  • Dr
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I have 2 warranties through Ultimate Warranty both less then 2 year old policies.. Around 4500.00 plus another 1200.00 I had to pay out of pocket to the dealership. After I was told the claims were covered.

  • An
      20th of May, 2008
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    I am from Illinois and I too am experiencing the Ultimate Headache. Back in early December of 2007 I had work done on my SUV that supposedly was still under extended warranty. I was told by Ultimate Warranty (UW) to pay out of pocket ($800.00) and submit for payment. In January 2008, UW acknowledge receipt of my invoice and payment. As of today 5/20/08, I have not seen a penny back from them. Every so often I call UW to inquire about my reinbursement. I am always told that the courts have not approved funds for them to start reviewing claims yet. I beginning to wonder if I will every see any money back. With this economy being so back I could really use that money right now.
    Next time I decided to purchase an extended warranty I will do a better job of researching the company first.

  • Le
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    How can I get my money back? or get them to hold up to the agreement? HELP!!!

  • Je
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I, m from Az., & my air - conditioner went out in June, it cost me 739.45 out of mmy pocket. This is the 2nd warrenty on my car, which totaled up to 6200., there must be some thing we can do, they just can, t get a away with it.
    What about better business?

  • Al
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    Totally agree with you, this ultimate warranty is a rip off, i have two claims from last year that they haven't honored yet. Trying to call them is pure torture.

    I am ready for a class action, if any of you are interested contact me asap

  • Do
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    What a rip off. They take our money, but don't stand behind their warranty. Let's take a class action suit against them. I'm ready!

  • Ha
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    They still owe me $1800 from a repair they approved last year (August 2007) then they never paid, never even returned our calls or faxes. I had to pay the whole amount. Still Pissed!! To make matters worse, they sent me a junk yard turbo for my audi which was filled with cobwebs.. it didnt work, so they had the junk yard company pay for the first services, second turbo was also a junk yard piece, however it worked. Also, Audi requires that you replace the turbos in pairs and they would only send us the one.

    Class Action..I'm in!!

    -Haik Naltchayan

  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    I have two claims outstanding so far, one from May, 2008 and one from June, 2008, I was issued Auth #'s on both to submit when filing the claims. To date I have had no response from First National Warranty, only that the company is in receivership.

    I also tried to access through the web site but to no avail.

  • Ma
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I sent paper tyo the attorney gereal of ohio and tyhey are aware of it . I would gho for a class action since my warrenty is not worth the paper it is prinited on. I am still owed over 500.0 for work done at my Royal Volvo dealership that was never paid.

  • Si
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I am going to contact the Attorney General in the State of Florida to file a claim against the Ultomate Rip Off. I have to pay $650.00 of repairs on my BMW. I am also going to seek out other legal actions against this company.

  • La
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    CLAIM IN PROGRESS: WHAT YOU WILL FACE: I am the owner of a 2001 Civic covered under an Ultimate Warranty Platinum Protection contract (whatever that means now) that is facing about $1500 in repairs. Will the Attorney General help at all? Has anyone contacted Consumer protction Agency, Federal Trade Commision. I haven't filed the claim yet, the car is at the dealership.

    A week ago (Friday) my dealer called them and told them we would be making a claim on a bad power steering pump. They wanted to hold off on ordering the part and see if they could get a cheaper one and order it in. They said they would call back that day or on Monday. My dealer also said I had bad ball joints and needed new struts. The ball joints have play and should be replaced. It was Monday and they never called back so I had my dealer order factory replacement parts.

    Wednesday I left my vehicle with the dealer and they began fixing the vehicle and called the (800)576-5113 number and told them it was in the shop being worked on. THEN they said they were sending out an inspector to make sure my Honda DEALER isn't lying. They don't believe that a certified mechanic can diagnose bad car parts. This inspector person will take 24-48hrs to come out and inspect my vehicle at the dealership. They told my dealer that they didn't want the factory power steering pump that had already been ordered. The dealer can't put crappy cheap parts into an auto and I don't want them.

    I called Ultimate Warranty and they said they were not covering the ball joints because the certified lifetime mechanic had already fixed them. They had to physically be on my car still, untouched. The dealership has saved the ball joints to show the inspector. I had to call my dealer back to tell the mechanic to not fix my power steering pump. This is absolutely insane.

    They want to put cheap parts in my car (not factory) and not pay for all the labor. It also sounds like my car should be in such a condition for them to pay for it that it could literally fall apart resulting in a potentially fatal crash. Sounds like a scam. When I call the receivership company they don't sound like they intend to re-imbuse me at all. Has anyone had any luck at all getting re-imbursed?

    From what I read this company was supposed to put the amount paid for the contract into a Claims Fund and they were spending it elsewhere. If you are going to warranty used vehicles, expect them to break down. People who buy used auto's aren't rich and a warranty is nice to have to cover major repairs.

    It sounds like the receivership isn't afraid of facing any Consumer protection agencies. They keep pelting me with new "regulations and rules" like I'm the one at fault. Kind of sounds like I'm going to be screwed out of about $1400. Me the poor person just because some rich idiots couldn't do what they were supposed to.

    Please E-Mail me if you know something or can HELP ME!

  • Gr
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    we will have to do a class action law siut. what A.G. do we contact? our states or thers

  • Jo
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    I bought an extended warranty through Ford in 05 but cancelled it to go with a "supposed" better offer from Hanover Ins. Co. offering First National Warranty/Ultimate Warr./SecurePro/etc. I paid $1824.00 for this "platinum plus" warranty and was first denied a exhaust manifold repair which was listed as a covered part but they claim it was "just the bolts" and now my first claim in almost 3 years(on 10/31/08) was Ok'ed for paymentor reimbursement but now I discover today after no payment or correspondence from Ultimate Warr. Co. that they are in receivership or bankrupt?! I have contacted a lawyer and will also contact the attorney General and will NOT allow such DECEITFUL business practice to occur as well as reclaim all money owed me! All of these companies listed prior are ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSABLE for RETRIBUTION. If no action is taken then I will hold these perhaps better known as CROOKS, THUGS, THIEVES, LOW-LIFES RESPONSABLE and will make them PAY for their DISHONESTY(one way or another)!! Perhaps a trip to Fla may be worthwhile!!

  • Jm
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    My wife purchased a used car from a dealership in Ohio. The car salesman at this dealership sold her an extended warranty for $1759.00 which covered all for either 6 years or 100, 000 miles. My wife had a problem with the engine and she took it to a Chrysler dealer who was much closer to our home. The Chrysler dealer where she took it, got confirmation from the Warranty people that it was covered under the policy, so the dealership fixed the problem for $835.00. When they submitted the bill to the warranty people, they were told that the warranty company went under and is in receivership. For us to get our car back, we had to personally pay the fixing dealership $835 We contacted the dealer where the warranty was purchased and they said yes, Ultimate Warranty was essentially out of business and good luck trying to collect. Can I sue in small claims, the dealer who sold us the warranty for the $835 fix it bill or the price of the warranty itself for $1759? Reason being, the car salesman was extremely persistent only because the dealership gets paid by Ultimate Waranty for selling this useless policy and the check for the warranty was written and accepted by the selling dealer. To me, this is a violation of consumer protection laws.

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