UHC / Lies, Fraud & Deceit

UHC tells their enrollees that it is "mandatory" per UHC's flyer and that UHC advantage plan members submit to an in-home visit for a physical/wellness exam and survey through its House Calls program. A flyer is sent to every member followed up with a high volume of phone calls. When you refuse to participate, the phone calls increase. The phone calls state it is "very imperative that you call UHC." When you call, thinking it is of high importance the customer service rep goes into a song and dance about House Calls. I called Medicare to clarify this "mandated" House Calls visit. Medicare states that no Medicare advantage plan member must submit to a home visit for a physical/wellness exam or answer any surveys. I have confronted UHC about this being mandatory and then they turn around and state it is "voluntary." I have had to block the phone numbers from UHC to get relief from UHC calling 2-3 times aweek or more. I found out that UHC House Calls are paid about $1, 000 per advantage plan member visit. UHC House Calls are gathering data on you that they share with a 3rd party. You are put into a database. UHC wants you to answer all your health history, family history, social history, assess your home, wants to know who lives there, wants to know all your prescriptions you take, etc. UHC states that House Calls is a survey related program. UHC will cheapen your private data by giving you a $15 WalMart card if your participate and answer all their questions while subjecting you to a so-called wellness/physical exam. I have had UHC only since the beginning of January 2016 and can't wait to disenroll when open enrollment comes. I have filed complaints with my state department of insurance and Medicare.

Mar 02, 2016

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