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to whom it may concern 7/23/2009, my name is Anne Hobbs, and until today I was an employee of the above Turkey Hill, by now I am probably not as I walked out in disgust shortly after clocking in.When I was interviewed it was stated that I required at least 32 hours per week, I accepted the position of store associate beleiving those to be my hours, after 2 weeks of being thrown in at the deep end on the register making mistakes and apologising constantly to customers so many times for being the only staff member available to help them, I asked when I was going to be given instore training.I have worked a 40 hour week then down to 26, I was asked if I could do the 6am shifts and said that it was impossible for family reasons, the last 2 weeks my hours have been cut to 16, this morning the 23rd I arrived for work and checked my hours for the week ahead, to say that I was incensed is an understatement, not only had I been cut to 13 hours but two of those days were 6am starts. I picked up my purse and left not causing any scenes which in all honesty I felt like doing, I can understand after 2 months of working in that store why the staff feel the need to leave or move on, I am angry at the way I have been treated and the lack of professionalism.I would appreciate a reply to this letter as I am an honest hard worker and do not deserve to be treated in this manner, my email address is [protected], the reason for is that I am married to an American, but cannot change email address. I sincerely hope you reply to this letter a copy of which I have saved. Yours sincerely, Anne Hobbs

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    Can you please bring back Whoopie Pie Ice Cream.

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  • Km
      Mar 04, 2012

    Anne I agree but my hours are fine its the other associates I have a problem with. I am alot older then them and I do not have problems with most of them. There is a couple of them that got full-time and assistant manager positions and they are only in those positions for the pay. One is lazy and the other does not know what an assistant manager should be doing. I love this job but it upsets me so when I see things that are going on and they were told and nothing is corrected by them. Left me at a register for 7 hours straight and my legs were killing me the day before. I was in the military and the two that I am talking about would never get away with this. I fell helpless working there. The manager told both what has to be done and at this point they should be fired. I would like to see a district manager see what they are doing. How is someone suppose to get a job to support their family whan they have this kind of bull**** going on. I am thinking on whether to quit or not. The manager and I work good together and we get alot done. If iot was for my child's college I probably would not be there.

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  • An
      Jun 05, 2012

    Turkey Hill in my area of Spring St. Reading Pa. is one of the busiest, most profitable stores they operate and I suspect it is only because they have 'no competition'. If a WaWa, Sheets or other similar store opened nearby I'm sure that the Turkey Hill Store would lose most of its business. Coming from a customers perspective, it is also the most frustrating not only to me but many of my neighbors who hate the place. Their employee turnover rate is ridiculous with new faces coming and going in a blink of the eye, leaving mostly from what I have learned is ridiculous store policies, poor training and verbal abuse from management.

    I feel sorry for the poor people who come to work there who are thrown right out to the crowd on registers that they are expected to grasp on there own. Being slow, confused and extremely rattled is understandable; as well as frustrating to the customer who just wants to get in and get out. Turkey Hill expects even a FIRST DAY cashier to be able to accommodate multiple service request from a single customer like, gas, money orders, lottery, price checks, proofing of age for cigarettes, finding the cigarettes amid so many different brands on the rack, ice sales which they have to go outside to get for the customer, propane for which they also must go outside wonder the customers get angry with the place and hate it. By the time the young clerk finishes with one of these many multi-purchasing customers, their heads are could they possibly calmly and politely greet and service the next one? More registers would help, with more clerks, but that is not bound to happen at Turkey Hill.

    Another annoying thing they make employees do is to ALWAYS ask if I have that stupid rewards card, even if they have asked me a hundred times for something I don't want. It takes us long enough to get out of that store at the register without adding an extra scanning step each time, which also slows the register adding up points for every customer. I see the clerk having to hesitate, staring at the stupid register waiting for the screen to clear...Frustrating as hell...If you say 'no' to the card request, they are forced to offer you an application which some customers take and fill out right there in front of you while you have to wait through 'THAT" bullcrap...

    I've learned that Turkey Hill doesn't even give the workers a lunch break or regular short breaks, but if they do get a quick break, they are not allowed to sit. They get NO employee store, discount, even though they start at minimum wage but can drink free coffee and fountain drinks if they PAY for the cup or bring their own...HUH????? No wonder they quit in droves.

    I can go on and on about this place that fires people on the spot for having more than $100. in their registers when checked on throughout the day, or other ridiculous rules...It is a shame they loose all of the clerks who we like as customers on a regular basis...I'll end here because I can go on and on about this place in a negative way, but choose not to...*@#%!


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  • Sa
      May 18, 2015

    I just quit at the one I worked at because of poor management and a bad District Advisor. I called off sick, which their policy is to call 6 hours ahead of time. My manager I thought was still on vacation so I couldn't call her but told my assistant manager about not coming in. The second shifter texted me last night at 11:30 to see if I was coming in and I said no because I called off. My manager texted me some bullcrap this morning and I texted back to her that I quit. According to her, calling off 6 hrs before and notifying management is a no call no show...this company in general is a joke. They don't pay employees enough to deal with this stuff...

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  • Ve
      Apr 08, 2019
    Turkey Hill Dairy - Whoopie Pie Ice Cream
    United States

    Can you PLEASE bring this back. PLEASE.

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  • Na
      Jul 21, 2019
    Turkey Hill Dairy - Ice cream
    United States

    We always purchase your ice cream and live it recently we purchased your black cherry but we only had very few cherries around 5 hope it was a mistake we do appreciate your products thank you Nancy Kane

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  • Mo
      Sep 07, 2019
    Turkey Hill Dairy - Smoking
    Mountain Top PA location
    United States

    Can you please give your employees a designated smoking area...they smoke right outside of the main doors, I hate walking my child through puffs of smoke, it is so unhealthy. I even hate breathing in all that second hand smoke. The employees are all very nice, don't get me wrong there. Isn't there a back door the can go out if they want to smoke?

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  • Sh
      Oct 14, 2019
    Turkey Hill Dairy - ice cream
    United States

    I opened a brand new half gallon of Moose tracks Turkey Hill Ice cream. I scooped one spoonful and there it was... An 8 inch HAIR!!! I've NEVER complained or had to make a complaint in all my years... I hope this can get resolved! I've been a Turkey Hill supporter for a VERY long time.. The only ice cream we buy in our home.

    Thank you

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